Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy? Sad? Jealous? I'm confuse

Sighz...its 6.23am cant really sleep...lots of emotion running through me...i dunno why,i can be suddenly happy then suddenly sad then can be something else...sighz I'm so confuse. Actually i'm not angry jealous or sad of anything, Its just that, i'm confuse... Dear, i think and i know that i hurt u, sorry yah... but one thing u say is true..both of us always say sorry lots of time we say sorry. I say my sorry its because i dont wan any misunderstanding, i say sorry because, i dont wan anything to happen between us, I say sorry because I want to keep our relationship going rather than ending it, U mean alot to me and I'll cherish every moment i spend with you..Sorry if i say or do wrong you know me right I always say the wrong word at the wrong time..i Hope you can understand dear.

Anyway yesterday is Tuesday had my first assessment in ICT lab 1. It's some web designing stuff by using Mic.Front page. I actually heard he said very bad, but edmond next to me said that the lect said i Did very good..lolz my ears something wrong cannot hear properly edi sighz...Anyway my 4th anniversary is coming soon..and i really feel like getting something for Her, sigh no money hahaha even top up so hard... office la!! dont wan pay me... no more allowence somemore..spend all my money edi and gave to church oso :P at least i'm half bad and half good. I meet clarissa and lily they were sitting by the table. clarissa haha, she cute[sorry darling :P] attitude...so farnie wan lolz..i tell u, charles is like !!! get me !!! clarissa ran up to charles and said and do "let me tie ur tie" then she tied his tie...by the look on charles facE!! either HORNY giler or BLUSHING LIKE NOBODY BUSINESS! lolz hahah... Simon told me sze min got bf edi coz he say something :S ...so fast with derric or darric dunno how to spell his name lolz.. sorry derric/darric its only like 3rd week in college and dunno about people but what can i say Love is blind :)

Anyway i got to prepare now...class starts at 11 and i need to leave the house about 9,30am if not no bus and i'll be late for class...sighz... ok la later in the night i'll pose again


Monday, July 30, 2007


I dont think i wanna say much today...I'm just stressed up..I dunno why..I just feel emo.




Yeah i'm so emo today!! Arghh..i hate my self today :(

I dunno why, i just feel so jealous , i feel so angry , i feel like I"m gonna lose everything. I dont wanna say who , its just some point of view...Sighz i hope it change..I"m losing control , i just want to cry...maybe just Knock my self out...drink beer ,alcohol or something...MAn...seriously i dunno whats is wrong with me. Sighz.. I just hope i dont be like this anymore..it really Breaks my heart, to think of things that are so negative...sighz i wish somebody could just cheer me up, I wish the phone call could be u, SIGHZ... Sorry guys and girls who read today's post.. i just hate my self rite now.. i dunno why, ok i just do!.. feel like all alone in this world... Just alone :(


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Day of relief...

Though i was and still sick...I made it to church...seek God Saw church friends and...saw darling..^^ after see her...felt like fireworks =D come on la..2weeks never see her, I Felt so lonely. Anyway today is Sunday..didn't do anything much...except yesterday...I did BBQ, its for my Boss..mom's partner the guy who pays me..haha..

Well i Finally learn how to use my photo shop properly...see what i did to a few pic..which was taken...

As i was saying..i only did this cause..i'm really bored..sighz can't play any onlinegames...dunno my wireless settings made my internet Dc when ever a game is played..so sucky rite..Those are the pic,demo only... So if need me photoshop ask me i can do it for u ^^

Well i got to go now...pray then sleep tomorrow got work..sighz..nite nite

Ps: love u darling..hope ur concert goes well tonight..^^ love u always

Friday, July 27, 2007


I guess, Today was kinda a great day, though i was having a bad headache oh ohh..i got some pic of me and My Friends, partner in crime!! .. in the kitchen though. hahah
all oso look like dunno what...I am waiting for few more picture....its in Mel's Cam!! aiya faster come online..and give me!!

Orientation dinner...took some pic with melvyn and Clarissa ^^

...Anyway dear i miss u...i feel you so close but yet so far away...sighz

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Well...it has been awhile, din really know what to blog...Any i tell u what happended today^^

in the morning..simon wanted me to go college early..so i did, then we went to find charles which he was at his apartment..at mentari or ridzuan if that is the correct spelling...actually his apartment is not bad...but kitchen tools sux and his bed is soo damn hard lolz.. Then we went back to college along with simon and charles put our stuff had breakfirst.i saw Clarissa she was rushing, i guess she was late for class, then i saw melvyn gave him a call to join breakfirst. Then simon my self and charles went CC dota.. i was ursa warrior,simon is razor, and charles was siren..End game my score is 16-1 LOLZ...they won hahha....i was too slow...for those who dunno wat ia an ursa warrior this is its pic

then we have kitchen class, learn bout 5style of cutting...jullian,eer smth else start with letter B, M and smth lolz..well i got a new fren today...hahah she is abit the weird..teach her how to tie the thing...she keep trying like more than 100 times lolz...Anyway guess how i got her phone number...lolz its damn funny..but before that...we dared charles to get her number...he din get though till i have to ask her and get it lolz.. ok now i tell u how i get her number...I TELL U PEOPLE I WAS LIKE HERO!!...

Read this..

Place: Locker room
time: about 6.20pm
Place i ask her number: locker room exit door
How i ask/ conversation at the door:

Asher: hey, i wont let you get out of this door unless you give me your phone number and name!
Sze min[new fren]: *got scared face*
Sze min[new fren]: *takes out phone*
Swe min[new fren]: my number is 012*******
Charles: Hey, I also want..Give me your number oso
Asher: I look at charles..in my mind [ CHARLES...YOU AMBIL KESEMPATAN MAN!!]

so yeah that wat happened. Then Ivan so good send me home...it took like 2hours though..sighz...sorry Ivan i trouble u so much....but made it home...oh he was suppose to send charles oso...he oso made it home lolz..!!

Well yeah thats all for today

Ps: Sighz Darling, i wan to hold u in my arms...missing u day and nite :'(

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Satuday, Thank you!

Somehow I got this From Friendster. Its title Its Kissing tips... :
-- When you chew gum before you kiss,
it actually makes your breath SMELL
WORSE than before because of your
salivary glands...

~ Mints work MUCH better. <3>

*GUYS; It is much more ROMANTiC to
kiss girls in a fancy restaurant or
UNDER THE STARS than to kiss in your
disgusting bedroom or in the movie

*GiRLS; Just because a guy kisses you
every 10 minutes doesn't mean he’s
using you ...he's just a little
horny ;) && there's no problem with
that !!!

-- It has been PR0VEN that when people
with the SAME Hair C0L0R kiss, it is
more R0MANTiC than that of a different
hair color!!!


-- your First Kiss isn’t always your

-- If you can tie a KN0T in a CHERRY
with your tongue, it doesn't mean you
are a good kisser .. it just means
your TOUNGE MUSCLE is strong

-- ALL GiRLS are NOT whores, and ALL
a LiTTLE H0RNY sometimes*winks* hehe XD






Kissing Language (yup, it's a
if a kiss is the Language of Love,
then we have a lot to talk about it...

methods of Love....

+kiss on the ear--------------------
"i'm horny"

+kiss on the cheek-----------------
"we're friends"

+kiss on the hand------------------
"i adore you"

+kiss on the neck-------------------
"we belong together"

+kiss on the shoulder--------------
"i want you now"

+kiss on the lips---------------------
"i love you" or "i want you"

+holding hands-----------------------
"we can learn to love each other"

+a wink-------------------------------
-"Let's get it on"

+slap on the butt---------------------
"thats mine"

+playing with the ear----------------
"i can't live without you"

+holding on tight---------------------
"don't let go"

+looking into each other's eyes---
"let's get romantic"

+playing with hair on head------------
"tell me you love me"

+arms around the waist -----------
"i love you too much to let go"

+laughing while kissing-----------
"i am completley comfortable with you"

***if you're kissing someone, close
your eyes. it's not nice to stare...

Lol So remember do now chew gums before you kiss :P

Well yeah..i Came back from awana today, and its My Mom's Birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! Ur naughty son of yoUrs love you,

Anyway, I'm singing tomorrow, In DH..And I wanna see Lee En, Miss her so much...2weeks she been running here and there for concerts... Anyway..Well if she gets to study in overSea..I'm happy for her..I'm sure she will do well =)

I know, i know... I mean either one of us Maybe both of us will go oversea for further studies but different location. I'm sure we will still Love each other =)

Hmm...oH my Gosh...yesterday night and this morning i Ate so much, i'm so full and i think i gain weight, WAIT~!~! I go check brb... Ah~~ Hehe i'm not telling about my weight hahah~~!~!

Sighz lately I online, Friendster boring why? no body sign in thier friendster, no comments. Even i on my msn, I see a Few number of people

As you can see in the pic...there is only about 20people online..but not even 1 is Talking to me..Sighz..Anyway I think i will be off To bed now...Since i have to wake up like 6am tomorrow..
Thats all for today.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


GUESS WAT~!!!~!~!~!~

i got my chef clothes today hahaha... here is some picture of it

And all my Kitchen Set!!!
Lolz, it was fun Head chef Bala is gonna teach us for 3Weeks including today. Damn i got that injection today...not pain at all but after about 1hour waa...hand feel so cold and like no strength . haha after i got inject, i acted like its so pain, and pretended to faint hahaha. Anyway...i miss u la dear, Kinda scared and worried and i am really afraid to lose u.. But We have to go through it rite...some day. Well...days hav to go on rite... ???

Aiya...after this injection now my arm hurts,and i'm feeling dizzy...Specially using this green color makes me wanna puke. Anyway i think i would go and rest now...Sighz...I'm still having this worry-ness mind..i'm so AFRAID and WORRIED...Really i am.. :( Chouz i need rest..

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Worried-ness...Cant stop worrying

I guess, yeah i'm quite worried. You see, even though i'm the type of person who Hates to read newspaper ...i just do a quick view lo. As i was saying I'm worried about the one I love, news this days many more rape cases ,sexual assault and etc etc. Yeah so I'm really worried about the one I love..specially You know who you are yah, no need of me to say it. Well I will keep praying to God for protecting upon you girls out there. Be careful girls Many rapist out there..so watch out, watch every step and place you go.

Fuh fuh* I'm tired, i just cooked and ate dinner haha. I made omelet but with the mixture of many things. I put in chopped Burger, onions, fried garlic,and sausage all chopped into small pieces,then I added Korean BBQ sauce that is before you add in the eggs and fry it. Then serve on a plate, some of you who have those Japanese mayonnaise yeah its kinda sweet and sour? just squeeze on top of the omelet and *Wallaa~~ 1Dish is served. Then i make salad..very simple salad. Chopped cabbage about half will do. Chop it to thin thin.. put the cabbage into a Bowl, use lady choice mayonnaise about 2 spoon mix the mayonnaise and cabbage till its equally mixed. Then you can add anything else you want to, My suggestion add Tomato,sliced cucumber, olive oil and black pepper. And *kachinng~~ you just done your 2nd Dish. simple and easy dinner you have the vitamins protein carbohydrate and . . . . eer I dunno hahah... Anyway.. I changed my college cloth from L To XXL it supposed to be XL but no stock and i want to wear it for tomorrow injection. ~INJECTION~ sighz I'm feeling this cold shiver now.

Oh Oh, I finally met Qiki Haha, sorry qiki i din recognize you...but its nice to meet you :D It's about time for me to get a new Phone, I got many reasons why i need to change but i dont need to list them down rite? :P Well its not because Lee en Is or might buy a new phone, Its because my phone is already about 4 to 5 years old and its in, well bad shape edi...i will still use it till its really K . O

Anyway Today This song is stucked in my head its from Craig David- unbelievable . Here's the lyric sing along with my Music player on my Blog : It is a short lyrics though.

always said i would know where to find love,
always thought i'd be ready and strong enough,
but some times i just felt i could give up.
but you came and changed my whole world now,
i'm somewhere i've never been before.
now i see, what love means.

it's so unbelievable,
and i don't want to let it go,
something so beautiful,
flowing down like a waterfall.
i feel like you've always been,
forever a part of me.
and it's so unbelievable to finally be in love,
somewhere i'd never thought i'd be.

in my heart, in my head, it's so clear now,
hold my hand you've got nothing to fear now,
i was lost and you've rescued me some how-.
i'm alive, i'm in love you complete me,
and i've never been here before.
now i see, what love means.


when i think of what i have, and this chance i nearly lost,
i cant help but break down, and cry.
ohh yeah, break down and cry.


now i see, what love means

Monday, July 16, 2007

Day of Smile and laughter

Color of choice today is pink.... Well coz today i think i feel pink..pink for ladies is like, i dunno la i think~ i repeat this word I THINK, it's like happy smiling color. yes i am happy today, Thanks to some people who cheered me up specially u dear, even few words can make me happy..thank u guys and girls. Anyway college went~well quite well though...haha i changed my locker..now its damn high up lolz.. ate lunch with china and korean girl... i kinda bump, no just went towards them hahah. Anyway then we went to class bit early though like 30min early so me Simon and Charles talk to shuien if thats how to spell her name hahaha. Then went for this library orientation...lasted like 2hours...then on the way home...while waiting for bus i was quite sleepy so i took the WRONG BUS!!! instead of metrobus 13 i took metrobus 10...sighz took me extra 30min to get all the way back home...it makes this big round!! then only reach to my house...sighz!!!

ohh, i'm oso happy coz i bought new shirt...its been a long long time since i buy new shirts to wear...
Message to lee en: darling, keep smiling and neva stop smiling.. u look even more beautiful.. i love u dear...

Anyway message to the rest...Good nite guys and girls that would be all for today nite nite :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Today, i lazy to type much but guess what i stop emo-ing edi hahah... finally thanks darling, thank u.. :)
Anyway i found out how to change my blog background *hiphip hurray* Yeah i got a nice background pic ready now all i need is, my pic and lee en pic and both of us together pic... then it would loook really great.. hahah i'm day dreaming bout it right now. haha

As i was saying i am lazy to type, Good nite everybody nite nite

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The day Which made me think.

Actually, today i kinda emo. Well first of all, I wont get to see Lee en = ( Sighz i cannot tahan la, 2weeks without lee en...Sighz, missing her day and night. Lee en, i just wanna wrap you in my arms for even 5minutes right now. Anyway went through today like no problem la.
Driving sux, today i tried to drive with my shoes on, i cant control the clutch and the accelerator properly so I had to drive bear foot again. I kinda realize that I am a very lonely person in church, i feel so anti social, I felt like no body would come and like " Hey Asher hows everything man" I mean, yeah but I was just sitting all alone till Hansel and Shannon came about 2:10pm. I saw Betty, yeah she got her own problems as well, i stayed up till like 12.45am talking to her yesterday night.

Well then I went for youth choir, need to sing for tomorrow. Sighz i got scolding from my parents, saying this and that about how troublesome I am for asking them to send me to church and this and that. I know la, my family not so rich people cannot effort many stuff. Okay guys and girls this is the truth okay. I'm consider a poor guy, I cant buy my own phone, get a car, this and that... even i get something also, example my current phone sony ericsson T610 it's been passed down to me...ok i dont wanna talk about it anymore..!!

now for my blog title. While my parents was lecturing me, kept talking about my studies in oversea, money bigger , you know the advantages at oversea. I was thinking, if I were to go oversea and do my studies there and maybe I plan to move over. I was thinking about my relationship with Lee en. Sighz i really want to be with her for the rest of my life, I'm having doubts about the future = ( I mean i really love her, and I wanna be there for her and i wan her be there for me. Sighz... i'm in a Emo state currently, Sighz maybe today is a bad day for me.. i'm just feeling so down... = ( Somethings i wish for..doesn't come... maybe i hope and pray tomorrow will be a better day..[ i don't want this to spoil my relationship] [its just my thoughts]

Last words: 1# lee en, i love u to the end of my life
2# hoping and wishing and praying
3# Felt lonely today


Friday, July 13, 2007

Day of Hope, Joy and new friendship begins~~

Well today i'm back early from college, Well I came early..saw Simon hahha.. we use the computers to go online...lolz.. anyway, today orientation is about Team work, Lol it is called Team building section. the first Game was, without any speech stand in a line following your birthday order, The people who get their placing wrong will be punished...They are called the Lost souls..what the hell man. I thought they will really be punished but, it didn't happen..then later we were group...to play another game..I was in group 7, i know a few names but cant remember all, one is Kelly..very out spoken..chosen leader of team 7, then there is Lily.. she is a pretty china girl, [darling lee en..don't.Don't get offended ok ??...hahah,I still LOVE you]. Anyway then i think there is this indon guy cant remember everybody's name sorry. then mat, daniel, and another daniel , cant remember edi..

Then we have this game Traffic jam, we have to sit on the chairs and 1 empty chair is left, what we have to do is, move from side A to Side B and side B to Side A. The rules is you only can jump 1person and move 1step only...cannot just run and switch no reverse also. Then this new friend of mine named Melvin, I respect him man, he went to this Korean girl name Calissa, Calissa if i Spell your name wrong please tell me ok.As i was saying he went to Calissa, and asked her to join him for lunch. I was like man this feller...fuuuyoooo just started orientation ask for lunch all...lolz
Respect...but ends up we all eat together :P

ok then right, i was so amuse.. haha. Anyway after all the game i receive my student Id...woohoo finally man hahah, Then ohh i forget tell about this last game, we were suppose to carry each other over this hula hoop, I was like the second person they carry, hahah its fun.. i felt like i got raped..Anyway after the games when everything is over, we while collecting our student ID soo many people ask Simon for his phone number[ I WAS DAMN JEALOUS AT FIRST] haha. But he didn't follow us for lunch, oh yeah Melvin invited me for lunch as well hahah, Thats when I get to know this korean and china girl lol.. not girls but girl- 1 of each ARGH~! u guys and girls know what i mean la ok.. Went for lunch at Mamak in the college there.. there we get to know each other more.. quite a number of people was there, then all of us exchange phone number and email address, Well its like ice breaker + bonding la...anyway at least i get to know new people and new friends hahah..the Korean girl is cute.. :P I guess, i accidentally Flirt in school so sorry darling!! but don't worry I'm still yours. Erm, well yeah those 2 girls stayed in Malaysia like 3years already, i bought them drinks as well :P I mean, well its just me to start a friendship.. even on the first day, i bought Simon a drink so yeah..its my style i guess.. Anyway its about 4.41pm now, damn tired and sleepy... Thats all I have to say for now... Nitty nite people... *yornz

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day of horror...!!

Second day in college...haha i was suppose to meet Simon about 7.30am..looks like it din turn out after all..bus came late, reach bout 8am... Anyway morning was quite boring... Really din do nth much.. Anyway its bout 11am we got nothing to do till 2.30pm..so i Simon and 2new friends their name are Charles and Nicholas.. Nice people. Anyway we went lunch..i eat chicken rice, Simon said the Rice was too Salty.. i said its tasteless and the soup as well is tasteless but anyway the tauke over there ask us for comments about the food la..Din really want to hurt him but we told him anyways.. Lucky he is a nice guy as well, he said " thanks for the comment i'll work on it"

Taylors College got lots of nice people... maybe they were thought to do so anyway...hahah... ohh ohh then me and Simon and the other 2 went exploring...we tried out the computers there..well i tied log in to the windows with my student Id apparently its currently still not up yet.so we use special users.. haha i'm not gonna say what coz we are not suppose to let OUTSIDER of Taylors student to know. . . . Well then Simon and I we went and rent out lockers for 1Term..and guess what!!! Well i'm not trying to be superstitious but my locker number is 444... Well my cam sux but it is true...here's the picture of it

Anyway we meet alot of new people.. quite fun, we meet our HEAD CHEF!! CHEF BALA.. lolz...scary man he damn serious feller and our mentor mr.Suhaimi..Anyway i forgot to tell you Blog readers out there. Its class placement Day, OMG you should see my face and Simon's FACE man.... we like giler tergila-an stress macam bapok waiting for something to happen... hahah!! But we ended up in Group1.. well its not actually can say smartest or the best class, its base according to our English levels , so yeahh the real talent is behind everybody...no body is the smartest and no body is the stupidest all fair and square...Anyway.. Lee en darling I MISS U... yeah thats all for tonight...

Good nite people

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day Of Helll..!! [NOT TRUE]

Guess what its orientation day hahaha, my God this first guy name andian or andrew or smth.. man the way he talks make many ppl so darn sleepy hahaha...Well anyway Today i wont talk bout food.. i'll tell u what happened today. 3 parts morning afternoon and evening.


Well i woke up about 6.30 am today..since my Dad said he would send me.. so i pandai pandai follow lo...can save 90cents ok!! anyway...i reach to college about hmm 7.30am, i went straight and found a place to sit.. i was waiting for marvin and the Geng.. well, they came late anyway. hahah
As i sat there i was thinking who i might see today. I was thinking bout qiki , joseph, marvin, sio sen, wan theng and mei ling. Looks like all came at 9am + + ...As i was sitting down in the orientation room, i saw joseph with mei ling outside . Joseph sat next to me 1 chair away though :P

Anyway then all of a SURPRISE this guy named Simon, apparently Lee en told me one of her classmate was coming to Taylors.. some how he was that guy. He came up to me, and just looked at me and said: "Hi, do you know who is lee en?" Then i was " yeah why?" he said " I'm Simon nice to meet u, Lee en talked to me about her boyfriend was in Taylors pj same course " or something cant really remember anyway, he saw my friendster last night so at least he knew who i was even with that diff hair style i had today. oh ohh... Taylors oso gave us college t-shirt, college bag, rule book and college pen here's a pic of it
ok. The first speaker, MY god his voice har I tell u, can make people fall asleep.. Everytime i kept looking at Simon he was sitting behind be before lunch, anyway i could see a few people who was gonna sleep hahaha. Then well I din have a lunch partner so, Simon was my Buddy of the day hahaha. Well its good to know him anyway, now i can find out what lee en was when she was in school, ehh wait i can ask Qiki and Sufi too hahaha!!! :P I asked Simon how was lee en in school... he said pure genius...I told him no brain of mine can mess with hers. Anyway Part 2


Ok now its after lunch, dint eat thou...i spend on Simon haha, teh only...i had limau ice. Anyway we went back to the orientation room, then Simon sat next to me...it was eer...1:05pm Then this lady called Ms.Cheng.... I tell you the moment she walked in, I looked at Simon, Simon looked at me, i told him "OH MY GOD, some opera dancer came in, haha but that ms.cheng she is the Student Services Senior Manager, nice lady but fer face and skin tone damn fair...till ter gila gila scary...she is a Funny person and nice too.. As she kept speaking i realize she is talking like those opera dancer's punya singer.. always like drag bit big.. example " the apartmentssssss" like that or smth la..After awhile Simon poked me ask me to look at his paper. i saw the word " SHE IS SCARY" hahaha we kept laughing lolz.. Then about 2:30pm we need go do some measurements for our chef clothes,shoes, west, and shirt.. mine was all XXL ok la this is no secret i know i'm Chubby. shoes size 9..weird it fits hahaha. Anyway after that we had the campus tour, Then can chouz home. Sighz if i stayed 5minutes longer with Simon I could had meet Qiki hahaha...knowing that she would bully me, SINCE SHE IS SENIOR... *shivers* omg i sat at the bus stop like 20minutes... stupid metrobus 13...so long then only come...then on the way home..i sms rach," rach if no rain, i go jogging wif u ok" Well it din;t rain after all hahaha,, Part3.


Fuhh fuhh fuuhh, I walk to Rach house...hahah she stayed quite far...but its a straight road walk to her place..soo funny i tell u, i was at the correct place, but i saw the stupid sign board saying 5/1c i got a shocked so i walk all the way up and realize, i was lost.. lucky i smart a-bit think think awhile ohh i was goin the correct way..but still i went wrong way hahaha. Reach her place, she came out din run at first till reach the Padang. stretch then i tried do pull up... damn man i can do 3 i din know..i guess i am stronger than now..Ah~~ stupid song i just remembered from britney -Stronger- "Now i'm stronger than yesterday" Damn this is sooo random hahaha, anyway then she wanted see where i stayed... so i showed her...jog + walk all the way back to my house, then make one small round then go back to her place...but ended up in the padang.. Sorry rach i wanted send u back to your house...but i was kinda lazy...THATS THE TRUTH lolz...Then i walk all the way back home, fuhh fuuh fuhh soooo tired, made Sirup and drank it lol... one more thing...after i came back and typing today's blog... i realize i din eat break first and lunch...lolz!!! Anyway lee En got back her phone *happy ness* i can call her, sms her and all la..
Sighz darling i miss u soo much... Anyway thats for today...i think i'm gonna enjoy my dinner so much today!! weeee... actually today is a Great day hahaha


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Time Has Come For me

I'm sooo excited !!... Tomorrow is the day, The day when I take My very First Step in College life...i'm so excited!!!..Anyway heres what happened today. Well you see, I'm not suppose to be working wan today..but some how this staff, well she sucked at working in the office and all The Boss plan to Fire her today. But didn't lo, the reason they wanna fire her it's because she gets paid Rm1100 per month just to sit at the desk, and pretend to do accountings , Well anyway...haha lots things happen today, one i know a few secrets *Evil stare* , two... I know this person who works next to my stall, well she only worked for a week in the bookshop gonna resign today..looks like she had a better offer...hahah good for her. Sighz i tell u Job quite easy to find...but people who apply for Job, well sad to say most likely Con ppl or idiots.

Well anyway..back to the college part... OMG OMG OMG!! Tomorrow liau so cant wait..Today i went to College to pay for my Fees, [THANK U MOM AND DAD FOR THE MONEY AND SUPPORT] I meet my counselor, her name is Sven, anyway i think she is gonna be my mentor or like guardian la..since she helped me alot since the day i register for college. I was told i need to wear Formal Everyday, even when i want to Cook and the rest of the Day as Well...The sad thing is...i dont have enough formal Clothes, Tahula saya kan pakai baju remaja. Well...sighz anybody who has formal shirt which is TOO big for you, can donate to me laa..so the clothes Won't be a waste..Get what I mean.. hahah.

Sighz food for Today is... 10 10 10. I only eat Big Mac for lunch hahaha...sorry la i only had mood for fast food today, oh oh dinner i eat sambal sotong, fried fish , pak choi with prawns and chicken soup. well its all suppose to be Chinese Food but somehow the sambal came along.. darn the sambal was spicy hahaha... Anyway...Good nite guys and gurls.. I wan wake up early for my FIRST DAY AT COLLEGE @.@" i dont think i can sleep tonight. But anyhow...I'm gonna do my very best!..Sighz... i dunno when lee en darling is gonna get a new phone, if not I am ready to sacrifice my Phone for her.. haha What a Good Boyfriend am I *stand proud* Anyway I g2g now ... Thats all for today

The word of the day is = Toodle Doo

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Blogspot try out.. Lol.

Well one thing is 100% sure...Blogspot is Really easier than Xanga...hahaha
Anyway..in 2Days time...college starts woohoo...I'm so excited, but i haven pay my college fee. :P
Too bad la...lolz.. apparently i'm suppose to take bus to school la..Since i neva sit on a bus before
Today i went and try lo, haha i though it was gonna be so damn hard, but it was really easy lolz..
Come on la support me bit ok~ My first time go on the Bus alone, taking the bus alone and blablabla lolz...some how there is weird smell in metrobus, maybe its too old and too many ppl use it...anyway,i made it to college bout 15minutes f
rom my house and i din know how to take bus to come back, eventually i found metro bus 13... saved my life, so i realized i needed to take bus13 back to my house...and it only cost me rm1.80 from my house to Taylor Pj Back to my house.
Anyway since i'm gonna study FOOD *yummm* i mind as well post some food hahaha, here's some pic of Food in korea, please dont ask me wat is it..my own self oso dunno lolz.. enjoy this pictures..:


apparently the first picture is called...Bibimbab..[ty carmie for reminding me]...its mixture of veggies seaweed, rice and most important KIMCHI haha, Well how to eat it..simple mix the veggies all together with the rice..and there is this thing called chilly paste..it makes the rice and veggies have this red color. The second picture, its called beef soup, quite simple rite it has beef radish, spring onions,seaweed and rice comes with it. Just for more info la.. most soup in korea they neva put like Ajinamoto even salt they only put when your gonna drink the soup while its serve for dinner. Well the secret behind this is, boiling the soup and beef for a very very long time...usually big dinner is prepared during the morning, soup only yah..boil like 18hours. i'm serious i saw my grandma cook, when i was in Korea..its like she cook whole day just to serve us lolz. amusing isn't it..guess wat i gain bout 4kg lolz...since she was giving us 3years of food..lolz..

well..today is like goin on well so yah...thats the end for today...

The Start Of Blogging 09/07/07

The First Starting of BlogSpot for me... just try out for few time then see how.