Thursday, January 31, 2008

O.o Suprising

Today , is a Good day... :D
8am Reach college bought Bun and milo, went to class..
Well actually i think im having this small problem...which is spending money too fast...i dunno how today
I hav Rm40 and now left rm5... i know how, bought my breakfast. lunch ate at pyramid bought drinks.
Bought Princess ^.^ Ice cream, i know wats ur Fav ice Cream now. Goodie can make u FAT!! jokking :D
Watch movie, bought drink, but that doesn't explain why i left RM5...weird seh!! dam weird..

Ok heres wat i did today.
Today Class went as usually, there is like 5hours break after maths class, which is Dam dam boring.
Went to Pyramid with the guys and pam lolz :P while walking walkin after lunch, dunno what to do so planned go arcade and watch a movie.
While walking, i saw
Princess!! :) I was really suprise hehe, coz i tot she Went to AC, anyway meet up with her,bought ice cream. Teman her to arcade goon and dess was at arcade and the guys and pam were there too..
U look great today
Princess ^.^
Well, today We watched Meet the SPartans! ok its 18++ movie, im 19 so its ok lolz.. Its a lame lame comedy show, hahah.
There were many scene from many movies lolz...The funny thing was..aiya u need to watch la its super funny

This is how Spartan man greets, by having contact with the tongue with the man...and for woman we Hi5 them
We only had 13 manS!?!? instead of 300??!?!
got many more :D

Then on the way to Ktm, actually at Ktm saw
Princess again lolz...haha so consider bumped 2 times =.="

anyway went home in the Rain soaking wet...dammit rain...wrong timing la! ish :P
Thats all for today.

Current mood: Hyper

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

oh wow baby cakes

Check this out

this is just too...real =.=

thats all

Misses u Princess ^.^

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All drivers out there

Hi everyone,


Advice from Polis Diraja Malaysia

The message below is from a CID Officer attached to the Polis Diraja Malaysia .
Kindly forward it to your colleagues or friends.


If you are driving after dark and see an on-coming car with no headlights on, DO NOT FLASH YOUR LIGHTS at it.

This is a common gang member "Initiation Game". The new gang member under initiation drives along with no headlights and the first car to flash its headlights at him is his "target". He is required to turn around and chase that car, and shoot at or into the car in order to complete his initiation requirements. Make sure you share this info with all the drivers in your family.


Not goin to talk much today...Day was great...thats all hahah anyway i got this email... its about illusion and stuff check this out..

[The pic not workin who wan i
send through email and then u see]

See this a Soldier dude rite?? all u do now is press Ctrl + A then u see how pretty he..ops i mean she is :D

here is a damm trick for u hehe enjoy it...

T here is a very , very tall coconut tree, and there are 4 animals :

King Kong, Ape, Orang-Utan and a Monkey pass by.

They have a competition to see Who is the fastest to get the banana. Who do you guess will win?

Your answer will reflect your personality. Try and answer honestly within 30 seconds...don't cheat!!!

Got your answer?

Scroll down to see the analysis.

If your answer is ........

Orang-utan = dull/stupid

Ape = foolish

Monkey = idiot

King Kong = stupid

Why ?????

Coconut tree doesn't have bananas lah.................!!??

obvious you're either stressed by your work...Go Home lah!!!

Hope u had fun with this smarty-pants :D

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A new Name for my blog

Well, im changing my Blog name, coz I really want to get a second chance in life, specially all the things
i did wrong in the past, specially recently or last year, I really miss my everyday happy no worry self.. Many things
has happened, and i know im the wrong, sorry for wat i was, but i promise ill do better from now on..

First of: Shannon! those cookies were great :D Must teach me how u do it even though its from online website hahah.. It taste Great though its abit the Dry but since its ur hard work it taste Great... There is this phrase " When the ppl You Love cooks, even though how bad or good the food taste, The food will always taste the Best its because it comes from your own hard work" and Shannon those cookies really taste Great ^^
Miss u and those cookies hahaha :D

Second : Ben thanks for sending me home yesterday :D it was raining but u drove like a eerrrmm pro hahaha Coz P ma lol.

Third: Today i see you, Even though u just passed by My heart keep pounding and pounding. I dunno L.. I just look at u from any angle and I just feel like im in love with u again... Sigh, well that has to change of coz, if not ill be all emo-ing again...Except nahh, thats only a Dream that can never come true unless it came true..

Fourth: Now its 4.15pm Enjoying my New Formated computer, its so so so stable now *Screams FOr joy!!!!!!!!!!* Sorry but im actually really happy with my computer, no more Random Restart, No more hang.., no MORE VIRUS and Specially no more Msn Plus... lol Since my dad is a Programmer, he found out that Msn Plus has this SPy ware which can and will not be deleted from the computer and No its not from the Msn sending picture virus thinggy, its really a Spy Ware from msn Plus it Self, SO msn Plus users plz be Warned lol....

Anyway Lately things been ok for me, and L... i hope it is for u too, thanks for talking to me even if it was only awhile, Appreciate it. I hope all things goes well for the Both of us.

Cole!! cant wait to see u in college again with goon lol :P Play pool together again hahaha :P

Thats all byeee

Friday, January 25, 2008

An ok Friday?

Well, today only had Bm class, finish bout 11.45? yeah around there. Went lunch with May, Tham and Voon in.
Lets see, we ate at the Corner Chinese shop, then we went Pyramid to watch movie, arcade and walk here and there :D

Watched Game Plan, hahah Superb show! The rock's Fraze inside that movie "Never!! Say NO!" and one more is eer not sure if its 100% correct or not its " Number 1 on the field Number 1 in your heart" hahah, The show was so good, basically its a Comedy and Family show, Funny all the way and Touching as well..Specially his daughter! arghh!! how adorable :D And dam! his first car was O_O Wow lolz :P

Before movie we walk around, window shopping then Tham was planning to get his grandma a shirt, Voon in may and me like walk around with Tham along la, see shirt this that..Then there was this Dance game thing there the one Step on the arrow wan =.= i forgot wat is it called, hahah we all played it but I think i sucked the most there lolz.... Then enter arcade played Detona, I got number1 :P lolz 2nd was Tham and 3rd and fourth yah So on lolz.... But u Drive good wat May, only kena langgar by those Computer cars lolz... poor u.. :D but still had a fun time rite... :D

After Movie it was still raining, very heavy took taxi back to college. I went 7th Floor, Saw Max haha playing alone so i joined him..Then Goon E[i still think its wrong spelling] and Cole came! *Big smile! to see cole* Was happy and Semangated to play hahaha :D
Then played pool with the girls and meet Jon and his Gf i think.. Then i thought of staying for the orientation dinner, hahah just to Kepo here and there but nahh din happen. Then go home by Ktm, talk with Chef Vincent while waiting for Train...Reach home Bath then cook Corn beef for the Macaronis...Had dinner and just Finished my mom's accounts...So quiet tired now, but im testing stuff for my new formated computer, ok la its really stable now, free from spy ware and virus... so yeah im quiet happy :D

Well thats all, Shannon ill watch that movie with u Even if i had seen it :D hahah :P

Monday, January 21, 2008

Im sorry i cant pose the picture have a look and click it.
i just came back from commies Duty, sigh so tiring, meet ben james and others..

To be Cont...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

By the looks of it

I haven been posting much...lately i dont feel like expressing how i feel... i think ill write it out.

To tell u, i really miss u...miss u being in my life, but now we are like Strangers, from lovers to strangers...
A few ppl told me u like some other guy, but he does not? hmm... well i guess i am jealous of coz. But there is no reason for me beign that way isn't it. My aim since we broke last year, is that i would try to get back with u..but i guess i made it worst, I talked to shannon till late at night, talking bout u, but no matter how much it hurts to see u so far apart, i can neva get to hold u ever again.

I wanna tell u something, u told me once. If this happens again we would really break up, that was my promise and urs was to tell me everything that was going on with u. But becoz of that promise, I cant tell u how much i feel about our relationship, i was so afraid to lose u.
I guess i should tell u from the beginning. Well, i see ur pic, see u in church all i can see that ur hurt deep inside, im not sure if anyone else notice, but i dunno i can feel like ur not happy somewhere.

Today is Sunday, i prayed to help me control my emotions. god i really hope u help me..coz i need help *looks on the floor*
I guess u would be ok, since ur the type of girl who would, mmm nvm. But im sure things would be better for u.
Well anyway good side :D
I ate fish ball noodles in Ss22?? which is near to KDU college but its deeper inside, it taste good.. Uncle robin said, this noodle soup is famous for its " we dont hav ajinamoto inside our soup" and yes it taste original, and the fish balls were very smooth :P I saw the old man making the shape of the fishball.. Squeez the fish paste in the hand...then the ball shape comes out from the top of the hand...use chinese spoon to scoop it out..then walla put on water and the Balls are ready... hahah :D
Put the P sticker on the Camry today, dam scared liau, touch touch the Acc paddle the car like running edi -.- Somemore i thought it was like kancil i wanted to tekan too max haha :P lucky nothing happen.. Tmrw got pastry class i think...yeah got pastry, lets see what surprise we are having tomorrow.. MY blog is boring, no pictures.... hmmm im collecting money to buy new camera, a slim wan or new phone so i can take pic.. haha.... CAnt wait to buy a new thing, but dunno when get...sigh im officially broke =.="

Lately nothing much to do, Dota boring... the Cs on my computer is dead, cant play any online game coz the settings for my computer somewhere cacat, and kapesky is blocking it =.= sigh... so i been playing adventure quest. i think some of u might heard bout it, its totally boring but nothing much to do then ok la...dont mind wasting my life for it =.=
hahaha well i guess thats all for now


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

oh Well

Well today was an ok day?... things went quiet well... English class was boring... maths of plz... accounts blahh.
BM omg....sigh..
lets see today i went lunch with Edu..invited by lily to be her guest...Went there well mr.suhaimi was her lecturer lol... they are goin to have a tough time, so lily jie jie jia you!!! work hard this term.. ^.^

Before went to Bm class, i was in 7th floor. Meet new friends, 1 guy from dc29 and 2 girls from dh29. Guy name is Max and the 2girls is goon en and cole i think the spelling is wrong ill correct as soon as i know more lolz... anyway cole, when she said her name was cole i was nicole? she said no its cole just the cole .. hahaha okay~~ ^.^ played pool with them with Mel, had fun. wanted to foosball but the table was conquered even at the noob table lol... then went to bm class. Go home with mel. Reached home talk to allicia awhile, and now blogging.. Well i think this week is a good week except for today, i think its spoiled by the lessons and some other stuff, sigh why la sunday.. bluek i must be imagining something... hahah its nothing simply made up...sunday sat with felicia, i keep noticing lee en since she was like the other role aside...other than that went to rangers, then go home went out for dinner, seafood steamboat ^.^ yummy lolz...

well i guess thats all for now... tata

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Boring thursday

Sigh, why must there be public holidays lolz.. bored liau nothing to do at home...
Yesterday kitchen was good, at starting it was messy abit then ok ok, actually i read a little of the fiche technique tuesday night, so actually not prepared. But then the whole time in the kitchen i realize most of the time only Alvin reads his fiche technique, others not sure la i know his paper was dirty in the end of the day.
Well things went well, we still had our break and during service hour, things was smooth, food was great. so Yeah i can say that Wednesday went well.

Well, now got nothing much to do, blog oso nothing much to say. hmmm oh well i guess thats all. tata

I miss her, but its not the her from college. Its not the her that YOU know.

I am who i am, Live with it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

an Ordinary tuesday

I found out that i needed to take BM this term, well actually i din want to, but since i got a D for BM no choice must take.
Well i thought the class is going to be like BLUEH! but actually it turns out to be quiet nice, there are few ppl there i knew not goin to mention names so ill keep it P/C.

I saw jie jie eve...she's now higher Dip. Still look great but got the " i'm tired face" Guess what today most of the class only lasted 40min tops except for went over the limit. Lolz. Well things went like normal, went play foosball with Alvin and edmond, Played pool with Andy charles and julian, Julian ur getting better bro :D
After Bm class, i waited with HE coz his sending me home, hehe thx bro. Waited for sio sen, she was in mentari then i saw her walkin with her and miki, I dont know why, i feel like i cant show my face to her. I dunno la why, but nah nothing...

Went home, chatted with Allicia and others, now preparing for tomorrow.

Anyway, this joker im goin to call him joker from today. Coz his so funny, wan talk bad about me din realize i was there sitting in front. Some more talk so loud wor, then he was trying to warn joker i was there, then joker saw me he liked show this OH MY GOD WTF is he there face....then try to cover by saying : What?? apa hal??
dont care i dont giv a damn about u edi, next time to ask me pinjam u this, give u a lift to college. No need to ask edi, im goin to say no from today on...too bad sucker, bad having a neighbor like u...teRukk...

Well on the other hand, i was kinda hoping my first car would be a kenari, not sure whether im getting one also. but i want a kenari :P then i can drive where ever i want to go edi....haha but i guess i have to wait till like when i work? so that i can get loan and pay the car, well i think my parents gave me a hint saying they wan me buy my own car.... oh well, no choice lo have to wait sigh!!....

Now time to prepare for tomorrow kitchen chouz sin...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Day before college

Well its 1day before college officially begins again. Kinda slack alot at home lately,Eat alot i think, i 100% gain weight, but i see the "thing to measure weight" its still the same, sigh im still fat =.="

Ok this year 2008 is been a good start, really hope that this year would be a good year,
"Girl F" sorry to hear bout ur BF cheated on u, he should be burn in hell. Dont worry ill still be here for yah ^.^
Currently im coughing, sigh always sick. Do fat people get sick easily? ? ? i Guess so... since i always get sick.
Today went to church, morning service, rangers then went visit my Grand parents. I guess thank God that my grand dad is no longer sick..

I got my P!! woohoo, i can officially drive, i think i wrote this edi but , yea tell again lolz! Sorry la i wan be bangga abit with This P!!!

Sigh most of my friends their P ending this year mine only starting...lolz...

oh well, tomorrow COLLEGE COLLEGE COLLEGE~!! hehe cannot wait, pastry wor! lolz... yay bake again.. =D

Well i guess thats all for now...tata!

Allicia G.haze i miss u lots! heheh!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

FINALLY!! 2008

Finally Its 2008!! and finally I got back my internet!.. lets see what have i done so far...but wait wait meed make lots of wishes!

Everybody, Happy new YEAR!! gosh i miss U guys and Girls dam alot,
To all my college buddies , old school friends Miss u all so much!! and again happy new year, Im really sorry if i was and is a Jerk in the year 2007, I now ask for ur forgiveness , Really sorry for what i was in the year 2007, but now im looking forward in the year 2008. I promise Ill be a better person..No doubt about it, i promise u all!.

Well Anyway i just came back from Alor Gajah, at Afamosa in Melaka, hehe Ivan thanks for the Lunch and Dinner tips, the Chicken rice Ball was dam nice, Amazing and i get to eat POPIAH!! its so nice, lol best ever popiah i ate in the year 2007 lolz.
Sorry i din take pictures, kinda forgotten that my camera is broken and forgot to ask my dad for camera, Lets see, went out alot and there was really alot of driving.. I went to cowboy park, didn't go inside wet park though, lolz. lets see ahar. we Stayed in those like Pen house? bungalow it has like 4rooms and 2 toilet..lolz aircond is 24/7 on there haha, then behind there is like a swimming pool lolz.. Ermm i went there with parents and my mom's office partners. so there was like 7of us there under 1 roof. 12am this morning FIREWORKS!! lau they prepare like ke giler giler an, really wish i had my camera!! wasted :(
Today went to the Zoo and eer bee Park before going home, and i took a pic in my phone but, many of u all know la my phone is what type T610 thank u lolz, so i dont have cable or blue tooth to send to me come, Wanted to show i saw this dam dam dam dam cute baby leopard! it was sleeping on a log of wood, and its position made it look so adorable!! ahhh!!! haha
Sadly i din enjoy today, had stomach ache.SO yeah that spoiled my day...Anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR again... Cant wait to go back to college...Thats all tata!

After 18 years of telling people,
now! 2008 Asher park says:
"I CAN SWIM!!!!"
lolz finally 2days ago i learn how to swim.
it all started with a swimming pool!!

Im thinking back the old days, its been about 3months now since we broke up,
Friends to Lovers ,Lovers to friends , Friends to stranger, thats what we are now.