Friday, May 29, 2009

The Coat shall never leave the hearts

From stranger to Friends,
Friends to best Friends.

From 1 Friend to 17 Friend...
From that 17 then there were 64...
From 64 there was more....

From 02 July 2007 till 20june 2009/

I will never ever 4get all of u...

Monday, May 25, 2009

It seems like yesterday today and tomorrow

There it was,
Seem like yesterday when i first Say, "Yes chef"
And today i have to say, "thx chef for everythin"
2years 3months hav passed by..

Even the wind blow endlessly no one notice it,
Time pass by like the wind
no body noticed it, till
when it comes to an end.

What was term1 yesterday, and today is term6.
Faces of my friend changes as my tears fall from my cheek, when i look back at those pictures.

Pam from glasses to contacts,
Edmond from good boy to man,
Julian from genius to The wise 1
Harris from Good to better
Derrick from the taat setia to class to missing,
charles from quiet boy to noisy,
Simon from young boy became young man,
the one that stand there but never appear anymore,
as for Asher, from the From emo to mega emo,
I guess we all grew up, except 1maybe =P *hint hint simon*
Yeah,We grew up.

Oh yesterday,yesterday and yesterday, why thou pass by so fast?
Please give me more time...
more time to be with the one i love dc28 XD
Tak sanggup hati i untuk tinggalkan kawanku.
I wan it to be longer,
ill miss it,
im missing it,
I will miss bout it.

How i wish yesterday was still today...
But everyday i have to be prepare for tomorrow..
For tomorrow is what cant be seen or heard or touch.
Oh tomorrow...i wish u will never come..
I beg u,

Good Byes.

i Love my groupmates and my college friends.And Piggy

Monday, May 11, 2009

Yesterday...was not a good day /=(

I need u piggy =(
sigh...really need u..rite now...miss u alot..