Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wakakak... i found something from facebook...which was posted up a long long time ago... Chef rex When he was THIN!!! yes now he is fatter XD ok la bigger size only.
Well today is a tiring day... went to college, then after ms.vivi class went to pastry room help and to see and to learn how to make tiramisu Andy's style XD
Then went lunch with edmond, charles, alvin at chicken rice near....somewhere i dunno =.= then went to edmond's house And we played...digimon =.=
then came back college, went for pastry class and did brownies... Great XD

Planning for Feb14, what to do...i hope u din make ur self busy on that day...coz i told u to make ur self free ONLY for me *haha kedekut!* i dun wan it to be like last year...sighzz, I will try again ^^ it would be more fun, interesting and so on.

Well,, i got SKIN DEASEASE!! omg!!! im gonna be a zombi =.= i got a serious problem, my skin at my neck and hands..problem, bahh i cant fix it!! and i dun wanna go hospital! dam... what to do =(

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Feel like dying

I feel like dying!! Stupid Skin problem..
Bahh painfull ness
This my jie... i love her ^^
why? coz of her, i found that girl. Coz of her, i got together with that girl.
Coz...She is my jie ^.^
Gosh look at my eyes and neck...Skin problem..Sigh!! =(

Saturday, January 17, 2009

back to youth

Im back in youth, Calvary youth.
Not bad after so long ppl still notice who i am.. lol
I got comments like " is that who i think he is?? Asher!!!! hi.."
or " hey there's a face we dont see often"
or " hey Asher how has it been?? still working?"

Well yah that happens when you dont go back to a place for a long itme ^^
I miss Calvary youth, those old memory. place where i meet great friends, people who cared for me, who are willing to help me, who loved me =(
You look different, when u walked passed by me, i noticed ur diff. Makes me wonder, i still miss u. But not like, nvm ^.^ ill keep the feelings to my self.

Anyway Thank you erwin!! sending me to church today...i appreciate it haha ^^
Wei chin!! A.k.a mommy of calvary youth choir! to me XD
I dun know i just wanted to call her mom... Sorry wei chin=P
I dont know bout u, but i dun feel like going back to rangers. hmmm
I think its time to stop, not really interested anymore. ~no more~

Mui looks greast today ^^ im glad, she accepted me back as a friend and a brother (=
i dont wan to lose a great person like her ^^

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to School

Day one in college =.= Again....

Aiyoo... first class...ms.vivi... "morning class, yet i am the one again teaching ur groups. I would remember ur name and faces but not all" *she never remember us* Ok class, thats all...thank you... What the...10min talk talk ...bye!! =.=

Then who's class arr...ohh english class, ms or mrs.. jacqulien? -.-" make us write a paragraph, then bye... 45min...done -.-

Last lec...mrs soo sian *so sein* suzzane gaie... Wth Kiwi girl =.= from australlia... her english essent is like.. oh Em gi -.-

Then then...nth loh...go back...hahah went to parade...sushi there...went to see desserts bar... same thing lah... Saw edmond, charles and simon there...shopping -.- eat icecream oso lol... After that took the cab back... i was having stomach ache Sigh...

Im not qualified as a player...never was and never is -.-
And im not despo -.- god dammit...i changed...slowly see lah.. u LoL Person who ever u are =.=
Im a flirt?? U can say so... coz guys flirt...and so do i...

im not perfect... if i am...ill be God or smth -.-

Sunday, January 4, 2009

What pisses me off..is Backstabbers

Am i a player?? omg..
That Friend of mine told this girl i like, that im a despo for GF!!! Water Fish!!
OK la maybe i was despo...but for 1 girl only..1 girl whom i like since last year january.. And gosh..guys sure have crush on other girls rite...seeesch../
Well what have i done...to make ppl call me? is being nice to everyone, is being close to everyone? is that a sin...is that call player?? Wtf is this bullshit?

So my friend translated this for me: but this one...i dont know...but i have this great feeling its for me.. From chinese to english of coz.. chinese word i wont put here...but u can find it...slowly =.=
"me n u are too alikejavascript:void(0)
it scares me
until idk what to do
damn it! let me go
i duwan to teman u play
don't "use" my prihatin
but value me like a "sui yu" *canton = water fish
me n ur other sui yu is diff
not everything u ask for has to be urs
what u ask for that u will never get is my heart
i wil never give it to a player like u
and i won't change my attitude because of u
i tahan u enuf, dun think that u r handsome then can "wai"
diu! almost stolen my heart
-the end-"

So so...have i done anything wrong?? is loving someone really wrong?? and WHY DID THAT BITCH told her that im despo for a GF???? im not despo for a GF she said no to me...but i took it easy...just annoyed coz its the third time =.= [okay~~ thrid time] yeah...i just cant stop liking her thats all... rite? =(
Sigh..i changed...im diff..im not like wat i was ok...Bah...today u came...really make me pissed off...im glad..that i wont be talking or gonna see u for a long time...but college is college ill still see that backstabbers face....
When i told the backstabber...that girl is gonna work together with us here.. u told me what? " yer Park why u let that...that...whore??or slut...to work here..dam la... " ill remember ur words.... i will...u wait... dun have to act..like u 4goten w/e shits...i remember things...and this one ill remember for the rest of my life! u Biatch!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Miss Korea

I miss my korean family T_T
my brother and dad..went to korea..me and my mom couldn't go coz..too exp Plus its winter..so its too cold and spending should be alot.
the last pic...that girl with my brother? she is my Fav causie..coz she can speak english and i LOVE HER!! *sarangheo*
aww i missed her so much..she should be about 30 next year...sigh find a husband causie...i missed u =(