Friday, December 14, 2007


Well I just had my hair cut!! I ask the barber i wan short. His like " ok No problem"
Cut edi he said ok?? I said " no ane shorter shorter" lolz, actually i think i wanted my hair to be shorter?? but i think
i dont have those round head? make a nice bold head hahaha.. like chester head, everytime see him i oso
wan cut my hair like his lolz.. Botak :P

Im glad thing ended, back to my old self, mmm what else...Yeah i know i need to improve my self
So, to help me, i need ppl tell me where my mistakes and wrong is so that i can be
a better person, u can anonymous ur self i dont mind..I think i will just accept anythin rite now.

Today goin through my music folder i found my, techno music folder.. while hearing it i suddenly realize how much i miss techno musics
Brings back memory during school days, since my class are like shufflers and dancers and hahaha :P
Miss school days, i think studyin there is much more, easier? lolz

Holidays just began, next week got whole week of xMas presentation practice. Everybody is invited, erm its on the 22,23,24 of dec. before xmas.
At putra stadium. on 22 its 8pm 23 is combine xmas service at 10am and 24 is 8pm again.. So please
do come entry fee is free.. free sitting bring ur whole family oso can haha.. =D
oh yea i'll be an angel singing LOLZ...for the choir of coz =.=

Well, i see that many things are getting better edi, mui me others. seem that many things are getting better
and better i hope it keeps that way.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Im done with this, no more Suffering...Today my burden is lighter.
Exams over, wow dam happy, gonna miss my friends till term 3 start...No more play play edi. its time
to work my ass up..
I still feel for her... But This the first time I let go of this feelings. Im still sad bit.. but, well i guess its much
better now..

Holiday holiday, what to do...Shopping!! shit lots of things haven buy..finding partner
to go Christmas shopping. Anybody interested Giv me a call or message on my cell phone or msn.
Like i said EXAMS OVER!! No more stress, now only worry bout the results, but i guess todays exam,
I feel that i can do quiet well, This time i did everything my self.? except Geo cheated bit, but yeah
Food Science and maths Im gonna K.o u out! woo.. i know aNdy Dam happy hah
Coz he said sure full marks, grats andy haha :P

Well anyway, I wanna wish everybody from college happy Holidays!! go out call me :P
Those Balik kampung harapan kamu semua selamat
..Those goin bak indon, like david! u better buy some sweets for me hahah :P



Im so happy like this pic!!... ahhhhhh happy happy happy.

^ _ ^

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Worst day of my life


Saturday, December 8, 2007


Happy Birthday edmond...i mean yesterday :P and a happy birthday to u Lee en.!!

Erm. Yesterday was Edmond’s and Lee en’s birthday, Well at least one of them, which is Edmond say thank you like appreciation that I wished him, but lee en ish…dunno what happen to her, a thank you also don’t have. How rude, when u wish me happy birthday at least I said thank you. Arghhh u just spoil my life, ruin my day ish, Im starting to hate you more and more.!

Well yesterday was the last service in Term2 for Dc28 group 1. It went very very well, thank u Janice and Bell for being my guest = D

Haha Janice sorry lo I didn’t know u don’t really like to eat duck.. now I know next time when go out eat I make sure I don’t order duck ( :P) Ermm, hahah Miss jasmine!! Gona miss u teaching us restaurant practical. Hahah ur nice very nice, pretty oso LOLZ. And hell no im not interested with my lecturer hahah… in love with someone else…A girl whom I believe and wishing she will love me.




Today, is Moral Final Exam….Before entering into examination hall, I was so stress! Coz I kinda like never study…So I scared I fail and must retake Moral next term, haiz..!! Anyway while doing it I realize it was quite easy…Except the last few question where I hang…Like internet lagging, lolz… So I was lagging… one of the question is.. you know the islam stone, got 5 pillars…Name at least 3 pillars that you know… My answer was Pillar 1 , pillar 2 and pillar 3.. lolz funny hahah..

Mmmm I miss her a lot, Wish she was by my side rite now, Feeling down.. =.=”

I just made kim bab. Since my brother is going to party, ask to make so help him lo…Its nice taste good. :P bangga hahah… Well I guess that’s all.

Friday, December 7, 2007

i Think this is very beautifully played...Dont u think so...its really really like wow...Amazing...
I wanna play Canon, from today goin to try! and learn...first must hav my basics again

korean Version hip hop!!...lolz

korean wanna be micheal jackson...lolz

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Currently in College rite now, Nothing much to do my class starts in 1hour and 20min time. I purposely came early today. I hate taking bus to college. I haven post any thing up in a while, I dunno wat to post, eventhough many things has happen...Lots of happiness , lots of sadness , emo ect ect...

Well you know i dont like to see you sad, when i see you sad im willing to do anything just for you, just to see your smile once again...I was crying the whole time i talk with you last night, u might not know but i was...I was really hurt,yet i accepted who u are, how you feel, ect ect... Im willing to suffer to the max just for you... And that phrase that keep me thinkin is "what if there was another who come in and help me 4get , what will happen to u" this this words make me think the whole night even rite now...Haiz...

ok enuf of the emo side, lets see what happy things happen, mmmm mmm mmm mmmm ohh janice ur green today!! hahaha... barney ehh...Green jacket with purple bag... barney :D
hahah see same color like you today... Mmm..hahah :P
...Today i was goin through the fishe technique[i think wrong spelling] Was having a look at it to see what are we goin to do in bakery class today, I guess most of the things we already done...maybe actually all of it done edi...
List to do today:
1. Study for exams
2. Go library
3. dunno
4. dunno
I dunno liau, actually nothing much to do other than study today...haiz haiz final exams are coming and im still slacking arr...ishh
Finding study partner :P got 1 edi, need more...then can make mroe noise :P

Monday, December 3, 2007

Oh my ...

Haiz haiz, Someone who knows and drop into the hole is their problem, they can get out by them self

But, if u din know and u dropped into the hole, you know you cant get out, I’m here Giving u my hand

So that you can come out from that hole and be happy together with me…Cant you see?? I been putting my hands there but why cant u reach it why cant you grab whole of my hands and come out be happy??...I don’t get it, I don’t understand, I want to understand I want to know, I wish sometimes you could see what I’m trying to do to help u..

I so wish u knew……

Well, today is Monday the most stress day. Coz Monday is the start of the week so yeah…Had accounts, geography and FnB and food science. .Then went library to do accounts, waiting for 4pm to meet the Dh ppl :p

They had front office assessment? Lolz, they look so stress but yea good Luck guys and girls :P

Then continue studying accounts in student lounge, ask Janice to teach me lolz… teach teach teach till she beh tahan then angry di, scold me lolz… Then I try harder and harder to do till I eventually burst out with anger…Got dam pissed off, when I’m angry hahah damn scary??

I just want you to be happy, want you to have my heart..I will wait till you are ready to accept my heart, and I will wait till you give ur heart to me…I will wait………………….

On my way back home, after come out from Ktm walking beside carefour, I saw GAYS!! Yes gays. Actually I don’t mind them? But holding hands and kissing in public…omg over the limit edi.. I got damn scared hahah…Took bus home, reach home got this and that to settle…reach home my mom was like “ BOY food out edi faster change and eat” I was like oh ok….

I guess that’s all for today,… tata

Saturday, December 1, 2007

today? normal day.

Well, today had college…hmmm had maths class and geography presentation.

I guess I did badly!! In geography, can see from that idiot boew tuck sai! His name oso can be kanasai since he oso got sai…

Meet Janice and bell at mamak, on my way to meet them, bumped into bebe miki Rebecca esther.

Wanted to cut my damn hair!! But, well lazy hahahah.. Well I got nothing much to blog about today, nothing special really happen… mmm soo I guess I’ll end with this word

This Message is only for her:사랑해요 귀중한

Well that’s all I guess till further update.