Friday, August 31, 2007

Family Day

Its Family Day!! So guess What i'm on yellow team WOOOOHOOOO!! yellow team Rox, yeah we won this year!! woohooo, price is omega eggs! haha somebody donated them! lolz, well apparently lee en was in Yellow team, then she became blue lolz. Doesn't matter la :P
Anyway i wasn't feeling really well this morn, felt like throwing up all the time :( I'm better now, just needed some sleep, Oh yeah TODAY IS MERDEKA!! go malaysia, 50 years man, jom bersunguh-sunguh. Anyway i was damn tired, went home bath, eat abit more^^ sorry lunch at Bu today sux! sorry i just din enjoy my lunch, Anyway then i sleep for like 2hours? woke up my mom asked me to paint the house, I'm like so tired.. Sighz i did one side of the wall anyway, what a great son i am :P.
Anyway tmrw conference, sadly lee en couldn't not make it, need to play for some concert.. -PISSED OFF- lolz, no la. just sad coz she "HAS" to attend it. Got other plan for tmrw night as well. Not sure i can make it sighz!!

Anyway i'm tired again, plan to sleep once again haha!! ok la bye bye^^

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Slow on Bloggin

These days i'm gonna slow down on blogging, dunno why and dont ask me. Anyway, i suddenly have this feeling for hillsong, really i wanna get all their songs and keep waiting and searching for their song, looks like i'm a hillsong maniac haha. Anyway today is a tiring day, my leg will sure hurt to the max on wed and fridays. Stand too much haha. Lets see today we made soup, all kinds of soup, we have onion soup, mushroom soup, potato and leep? leap? soup and cus~~ smth 4got haha, Went to restaurant for lunch, eat this mushroom pulut its like lomaikai, then we have main course which is Fish, i tell u the fish so smelly haha, the veggies taste better than the fish, for desert flamebulei? w/e it is called, its basicly pineapple,sugar, rum [ yes rum] its to create fire on the pan. haha its good experience. The guys went to asia cafe and planning to go CC edi.. Well i got nothing much to say edi, Thats all i guess bye^^

Saturday, August 25, 2007

long long time i din blog propely

Well, today conference day^^ IGNITE!! woo :P
Well,Rach send me to church this morning[thanks rach^^] Meet up with nick Lee en, han sel and George? gorge , sorry i dunno spelling. Anyway morning was blessing punya message, God man, funny man and a great man. Then after service, went for lunch at CRC "10 10 10" lolz They served spaghetti sausage and veggies, Well i saw everybody like took 2 sausage, so i took 2, then the lady who serve the kuah like told me " actually its suppose to be like everybody 1 sausage only... i was like o.o" lucky benedict was like behind me, so i passed 1 to him lolz. After lunch got studies, pastor Richard preached :P. After that, Lee en , me , rach , gorge?? and han sel sat in nick's MYVY aduh i cant wait for my own car and my OWN " P " lolz.!! i tell u nick, he yau yeng la, went wrong way. lolz taught we almost got lost, lucky lee en smart found way back haha!! made it on time, well abit late but yeah on time :P had this game called Amazing Race Calvary youth style, but sadly it rained so they had to like cancel the game =( poor nick, ur a hero! sacrifice ur car so that all our wet bum can get back to church. Ur the hero of the day nick!! =) but i still think ur very GAY!
Had lots of fun today, ohh after reached back to church, gam gam my parents was in church, so they send rach back together lolz. when rach went in the car, BOMB! no la, my parents and her chit chat alot, and my parents like telling me, wat today pastor preached, got listen or not? :S
Lolz sighz, dunno la but i'm tired, and though is like 4hours only, haha YES! lee en i miss u lots =)
Thank God, Even it rained and i'm like soaking wet and cold, i hope and pray i wont catch the cold. Anyway i'm tired and its only 9.18, feel like sleeping. But nahh i want wait for my reply :P
Thats all for today! nite folks =)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Continue from yesterday[ edit ]

Erm... lolz edited :P but i still love this avatar^^

Well as you can see...

As you can see I dont really have anything to say, so Today's post is all about avatars, The same i got this from Gaia online. So yeah, i got the idea to make everybody's look alike So here it goes,^^

This is Lee en [ cute huh] looks just like her, sorry i cant find the rite glasses hahah

Betty my Creation, at least she likes it haha

This is Me, MY avatar lolz!!

correction, this avatar does not looks like pastor steven, sorry. dunno who it looks like

Ben toh, well its too random, i dunno who else to make the avatar, ended i saw bentoh's msn so i made him lolz..

lolz i so got nothing to do, Lee en ur avatar look so cute^^ see my avatar so thin, lolz but really look like taylors uniform lolz. Well thats all i'm tired good nite^^

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nothing much to say

Couldn't play any online games on my com, so i play gaia online haha, this my dream avatars!!
I so got nother better to do rite lolz. Anyway good nite^^

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy Dinner

Well, in my Church is The ranger's 25 anniversary dinner. It's held in Tropicana, I went bout 2.30, First Darling said parents don't let to come, But then while i was like " USHER" -ING ppl she Suddenly appeared, I wanted to like shout " OH MY GOD!" lolz, sorry la too shock to see her, =)
Ask her go jalan jalan but tak mau lolz =P Well, yeah the Dinner went quite well, though i didn't like the free sitting way, make it very messy. Kids was like running around everywhere, normal la KIDS =P ermm, Nothing much to say di, but i'm very tired hahah.

Oh before i forget, Darling no need be afraid of my parents la, say hi is like nothing wan hahah! dont worry k? =)

Ok thats all for tonight, Good nite folks

PS: drop some comment la, i feel so bored nobody comment me :P

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I guess nth much

I guess There is nothing much to talk about today, But I suddenly just cant get this song off my head, Well it is Do you know?[the ping pong song]
so I leave you with this lyrics today:
do you know (x3)

do you know what it feels like
loving someone that's in a rush to throw you away.
(do you know (x3))
do you know what it feels like
to be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed.

do you know (x4)
do ya

if birds flying south is a sign of changes
at least you can predict this every year.
love, you never know the minute it ends suddenly
i can't get it to speak
maybe finding all the things it took to save us
i could fix the pain that bleeds inside of me
look in your eyes to see something about me
i'm standing on the edge and i don't know what else to give.

do you know what it feels like
loving someone that's in a rush to throw you away.
(do you know (x3))
do you know what it feels like
to be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed.

do you know (x4)
do ya

how can i love you (x4)

if you just don't talk to me, babe.

i flow through my act
the question is she needed
and decide all the man i can ever be.
looking at the last 3 years like i did,
i could never see us ending like this.
(do you know)
seeing your face no more on my pillow
is a scene that's never happened to me.
(do you know)
but after this episode i don't see,
you could never tell the next thing life could be

do you know what it feels like
loving someone that's in a rush to throw you away.
(do you know (x3))
do you know what it feels like
to be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed.

do you know (x3)

do you know what it feels like
loving someone that's in a rush to throw you away.
(do you know (x3))
do you know what it feels like
to be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed.

do you know (x7)

do you know what it feels like
loving someone that's in a rush to throw you away
(do you know (x3))
do you know what it feels like
to be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed

do you know (x3)

do you know what it feels like
loving someone that's in a rush to throw you away
(do you know how it feels)
do you know what it feels like
to be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed

do you know (x4)
do ya

do you know (x4)
do ya

do you know (x4)
do ya

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Just came back from steamboat :P waa I tell you pay Rm21 eat like dunno some jakun people..lolz
I ate with : Andy , Simon , Edmond , Charles , John and Ivan
Before Steamboat: In college Kitchen class was like Superb !! :) Made and Ate lots and lots of things. Actually damn full, but still eat so much when go to steamboat. Joseph told me, at that steamboat place, make sure you "RUN LIKE HELL!" to get the chicken, coz many people will try to grab it. Went CC and dota.. My lion sighz,, PAWN!! PPL and got prawned back haha prawn, lolz. :P

During Steamboat: Started off like, ok ok only lah. After like 30minutes of talking laughing teasing and eating, i was getting full already, it was about 9pm haha. I tell you really wor the chicken was like wow, damn nice. Every like 10minutes the tray comes and in 5seconds its gone hahah. People was like from every table, running like American Football just to grab the chicken. Then me Simon Andy and John, hah we memang pun pro! pretended to take some fish ball those stuff, and waited for the chicken. I din hold the plate the rest did, chicken came we like first ppl to touch it Grab so much! Before the thing was open, this lady she squeeze into my arm, like how arr, errm how to say "masuk jalan sempit?" lolz smth like that la, she said "ehh apa ini? ayam kah?? " then i saw her hand got plate, i was like wow she take the chicken like nobody business. In the end, We got 3 plates of chicken haha!! andy's plate got like 9 chickens simon gotl ike 7 john had like 8 as well. Oh Oh i just remembered, before we grab the chicken, ROUND1 Andy saw the lady coming with the tray of chicken, many people was like there, Andy like hero, snatch one plate from our table he actually! RAN TO THE CHICKENS! hahaha!! He fought the war brought victory with 8 piece of chicken, Giler yau yeng hahah!!
I tell you I was talking about buying beer :P din buy at last lolz, Well guess what No beer = get drunk lolz! Seriously we were all like drunk people, everybody on our table couldn't stop laughing :P It was like non stop jokes hahah! We talk alot of things. You know la MAN talk, About girls , Gf , People in college and , *cough cough* :P

After steamboat : Gone home, bath and now updating my blog, tiring yet fun day. ^^

Thoughts for Today: Well Darling is having her holidays now, she's in Genting, Sort da had an argument Few days ago, wont elaborate. Well I guess I din ask her how she is today, Usually i'll like sms her everyday, the same old thing " hey dear hows your day? ", " hey darling, how are you? i'm sure your tired" yeah i think i need to get a new phrase. Well I guess I have to give her some space right? I think I'll let her enjoy her holidays, relax her mind, time to cool off from college, friends and ME, Let her have some Family time. Well I think thats my reason why today i din wan to call her or sms her. Some how after that day, things and thoughts if now bit different from last time. But never the less, I still will understand and respect her^^ I guess Relationship are meant to mature and grow slowly right? Yeah I think so. haha. Well, I still love her lots^^ Miss her alot too. Haha

Well i cant sleep tonight, my stomach is still so full :'(
I guess I'll try to sleep then, Bye bye^^
Miss you lots dear! <3

Monday, August 13, 2007

cough cough!! cough cough!!

COUGH COUGH COUGH!! Darn i'm sick :(
Sigh...Today I tough I was gonna get Knocked..Oh before that, today I went to college, And DH people had test today, Well i think mel Did well, But for my sisters Clarissa and Lily, They looked very upset, they told me the whole thing, They felt that they din really study hard enough so they think they did quite badly in their exams today. As for me, I came for group discussion, but ended up at CC and playing pool :( Naughty hor me, Then i had to Rush home, Eat lunch and wait for my instructor to come, Ok while driving on the high way, You guys know la kancil Very Very fast wan mah, I was driving at 80 at first, Then this lori appear out of the bluez and almost knock poor Asher, MALAYSIAN LORI DRIVERS ARE SOO !! RUDE!! ONLY CARE ABOUT THEM SELF DONT CARE ABOUT OTHER PPL! Sorry i just had to say it out!. Anyway that one elak edi, so survive, But In that split seconds of breaking, My mind just rush through, If i were to die today, what good have i done to this world, to the people i love, to the people whom i care most, If i were to die, What would happen to my family, friend and Lee En, gosh i feel like crying now, sorry emo :'( Many things i haven fulfill in my life, Like example perfect date, reaching out to people to know about Jesus, I haven tell my parents how much they mean to me, how much I appreciate them. But this incident didn't happen like once, last time also happen before, while driving lessons a Lori just suddenly came from the left side. Sigh, I feel like God is trying to tell me something that i need to do before I die, Then after the lori thing I drove bit faster 90km/h Since kancil is a super duper fast car, this BMW!! *spits at Bmw* From behind like want to knock me, flashing his lights, honking me somemore, Gosh I know la your frigging engine is like what, power right, still lembab like dunno what cow!. From now on I officially hate BMW!!
Cough cough!..Sigh its really getting bad to worst, Some how, Today is not my day either, I mati engine 2 times, Couldn't think straight.. Well I got to go now, I want to watch Tv and sMs people
Bye ^^

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Not My SelF

Feeling The blue..Hahaha...lately i'm not my self anymore..I hurt too many people edi, Specially you. Never meant to do so, sigh, Anyway its the past now,lets put it behind our backs and walk towards the future :)
Yeah, what ever I said to you, its the truth of my Life, now you have the power to control me. Sorry if i was and is a lousy Boyfriend, i promise to try to do better.
Well, Still crushed,trying to feel happy but not really working, I realize i have friends who pat me in the back, like Eric, Eelaine, Carmen ect ect. but Eric, some words you say it's true, but not all of it is correct, yes maybe its time but to me, it will never end, i will suffer and go through the problems like hell, but i will still keep it going. I know you been through more than me, But i have to say this: If you keep trying and never give up, believe that you can make a different,trust me Love is by your Side. I know its been hard for you, its been hard for me as well, but i'm trying my very very best to keep up. So Eric i suggest, you think in other side point of view :)
Haha she is still a little angry with me :P I know la darling, i'll keep my promise and i will try harder and my very best for you. Anyway while i was chatting with Rachel I was doing this A frame Chopsticks for the coming 25th anni dinner, by royal rangers in my church,i wanted show rachel my room, msn was and is just too slow and sucked at sending stuff fast, so post it here is even faster than. Anyway this the pic of the thing i'm doing and my room pic! ohh take note ok I'M NOT A FOOTBALL FAN, THE MU SCARF MY MOM MADE IT AS A TABLE CLOTH HAHA.. Sorry for those Mu fans :P

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Once upon a time

ONCE UPON A TIME, long long long long long ago, few hours has pass. and woohoo! my assignment work is almost complete!! weee feel much better much to say went college went subang parade,go back to college, saw clarissa and lily..Lily looks much better now but she still look abit stressed out. Anyway, i an go see korean show...BYE BYE! sorry today lazy to type alot..hahah

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tiring Day!. alWays tired Sighz

Hmm, lets see. Well went to College early, for no reason...suppose discuss some work but nahh din happen. Well, it was about 8.30 Simon, Charles, Edmond and me wanted to Mamak near CC there. On the way, i saw Lily. she looks very worried and like dunno what to do, so asked her what happen. she said she open the door then knocked the Feller on the motorbike. Well its her first time going through this, so I just didn't think of anything else but went and help her, Simon [smart boy!] he said "got clinic near here bring him there" brought the guy to the clinic, Poor Lily so worried anything happen, You see as far to i know, ladies, girls, woman they all have this thing If happen to me, i can never forget about it. At least Simon and i comfort her, she was really down, so i bought her chocolates and lollipop. I hope she is feeling better now.
Message to Lily: Lily, dont worry kay, you have your friends around you, supporting you all the time, specially got me here! hahah. :) smile ok smile!! :D

Then went to class din eat break first, ops i mean they din eat break first, i Ate before all of them came hahaha.. During kitchen class, actually no body know, i din tell anybody but now i say it here la in the blog, I saw a girl passed by, she looks like Lee En, but way taller. My gosh i tell you i got a shocked...but nobody notice hahah. well then i reminded my self, just saw a person looks like Lee en, my heart like want to burst, I miss Lee en so much, even though is only like 3days just passed, I just want to drop and cry, cry out her name. haha, Well what to do i love her mah :P

just chat with her, beng ian shooed her off from the computer. Oh well, she was trying to do the underline thing, somethings in blogspot, dont have shortcut to do underline and this all. anyway to show off to u Lee en its done like this " I love lee en

well,. thats all then...hahah Love u dear^^
Good nite

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I'm feeling Red today haha..guess why? Well Lee en is now using blogspot o.o" so her first post is red in colour, so i'm feeling red while posting today's post. Anyway went college in the morning, saw Lily. then saw Clarrisa then others... hahah, then Simon, Charles, Edmond and me PERGI "CC" lolz.
Well on my way home, when i got into the Bus. i Saw one old friend, Guess who HAN JUN!! lolz, didn't know that gay feller still alive. He still talk the same way like last time hahah..farnie feller. Came back,notice Lee en post bulletin on friendster, then i knew that she was online, geng wor me hahah can predict when ppl is online =P
Then chat chat chat, of then Carmen gave me link on youtube have a look
Eer, yeah its funny lolz..lots of chinese talking then got BM rap! lolz.. kinda insulting Malaysians but from Malaysia LOLZ. If dont wan see the link up there just press play^^ Look down here

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Well, thanks to carmen, and thanks to my internet surfing skills, i finally watched all the movies i wanted to see, I DINT DOWNLOAD THEM! so its not piracy i hope. Google got show mah, free so watch lor.. lolz in 1 day i watch simpsons, harry, evan almighty and dunno whats next lolz.. finally a-bit satisfy watch the movie I wanted to see. No need pay some more :P

here is Evan almighty link for those who cannot wait till 16 of aug. But remember watch at your own risk :P hehe

Saturday, August 4, 2007

4 monTh anniversarY.

Yeah, Nothing much happened sighz..

Wake up early, brush teeth -> bath -> online. Normal daily To do Work.
Ben Jin gave me a lift to church [ Thanks ben jin] Went to church about 1.50pm. Well, in my last post i said, about how to tell lee En about 4month anniversary, sighz didn't happen :(
Though i really wanted to kiss =P some more the worst thing is I got sick, sigh. At least I spend some time with her, Actually i merajuk a-bit but i think she didn't notice, Oh well At least because of my sickness i cover up the merajuk part. Then prayer, worship and class.

Well, Then went for choir, sang song, the songs were "praise and at the cross" haha i dunno whether i sang well or not, maybe i sucked haha i dunno =P

Sigh, Well Thats all for tonight..bye ^^

Friday, August 3, 2007

Smell like Fish @.@

This so sucked man!! Today we had butchery class, before that was pastry. We bake bread rolls, and apple Tart. And cookie, so tasty and nice *yumm yumm* We stand the whole day.^^ woohooo tired ness. Anyway butchery class!! omg omg omg.!! i SMELL LIKE FISH.. and i think i still smell like Fish, Yeah you know why??? We Cut the fish today. poor fishy, not fresh at all lolz...

Then later we had Mr.suhaimi punya kelas, dia tu boss saya hahaha...takut giler dengan dia. Sighz rushing dad was like " BOY I PICK U UP AT 7PM COME OUT AND WAIT FOR ME" I was like....I'm still in class..Class over like 7.25pm only lolz..without changing ran to the car, drove to church...With my waiter clothes on..hhaha.. Saw Lee En, My heart was beating so fast. like never see her for few years already, Yeah miss her alot^^ Ohh tomorrow is our 4th month anniversary... *jumps around in my room* Dunno what to give or say liau.. Need practise here..

1.)Darling!! happy anniversary, *kisses cheek* love u dear
2.)Dear, *kisses Cheek* happy anniversary, love u darling

Dunno la, anyway also can hahah!! Anyway Dear, happy anniversary LOVE you alots^^

Well got to sleep now...byebye

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I'm feeling ok and fine today. Sighz..i guess i let my thoughts and emotion run my mind.. I know now..that i dont have to be scared, cause everything that i own now is and will always will be mine. =) and i called her..even though is at the bus stop, her voice just brighten up my day^^ I really love her alot.. do anything for her, and i will take a bullet for her, give up my everythin just to be wit her, and i'm saying this from my heart ^^
[ simon! this whole part is about lee en, i called lee en at the bus stop la not clarissa ok..ish]

Oh and simon took some the restaurant we ate yesterday in school...i'm DC28 the people who serve us is this means Dc27 is on thier Term2..and this means when i go for term2..i have to serve people...who want to come..its free i got coupons..tell me ok can come anytime..i just need make bookings^^ anyway heres the picture

I put the picture according to the Menu..^^ see what i ate hahaha!!.. yeng student did this...but one thing right.. My potato on the main course was not cooked at 100% lolz...It is funny..confirmation derric is with Sze min..
I tell you... now right that person whom i hate and dislike..people see his true class act like dunno what psycho, when lecture say something he acts stupidly. Then he think that his so humorous, people was laughing not with him but at him, he just dunno only! I think your the most stupidest person i ever know, i dunno how your friends can keep up with you...for those who is reading in group1 i'm sure you know who i'm talking about... last words for u idiot! ACT COOL BUT ITS NOT WORKING JACK ASS!

Anyway...i'm gonna call Lee en soon , hehe cant wait till her show finish^^ Love to hear her voice.. like angel.. Haha i know..i'm so in love with her, what to do i'm her man!! weee!!

Night people thanks for reading today^^