Saturday, May 31, 2008

my problem la...there is no reason for u to get angry about..
Further more i do what i do la.. who made u queen?
You have no rights to judge me, so think again..
you so smart arr?? yeah rite...
So got nothing to say to u... I made a biggest mistake in my life
that is...knowing u and liking u..
only made my life happy awhile, well that was nice the moment and all
Rite now... ur just a torn shirt.

ps to sohai..

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Today o.x"

Today is my off day!!! Yay! Yesterday I worked till 10.10pm haha…took lrt take ktm..

During work mr.alias take me and grace and lu shen tour around the outlet in the hotel…it was so nice!! Love it… Zipangu is the best even tough im having my training in Lemon garden =)

Yesterday went back late…reached home like 11.50pm, I went out and meet my most Fav person in the world…keep contact with her for like 3years now…always say goin to go out yam cha one day….so yeah the one day came..The one day is last night… I meet my Darling most fav kai mui Jennifer!! Shit la wanted take picture with her….but smth came up. Its been 3 years she changed a lot… she is taller now, thinner but I told her she was fatter bit…hahahah :P im so evil *devil* It was nice talking to her again. Today actually I asked her go out, but not sure she would go…she is a damn owl now…. Out at night sleep in the morning.

Before left gave her a hug…wanted to kissed her!!! No la… hug only.. Missed u mui!! =)

Anyway here is some picture I took…enjoy!!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mui...sorry la din update... haha :P

As you all know or dont computer's power supply K.O yeah it got knocked out...lolz

Anyway... Church having my training rite now.. Im sure there is some of you would think that,., oh asher is not coming church anymore... his this his that... no i wan to come...but my off day is not Set by me...its random days...

Now im training in lemon if u ever drop me =) ill be happy enough to serve whoever lol.

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1. Do you ever wonder what your last ex is up to?
-Yeah...Always wonder...

2. Have you ever been given roses?
-haha...i guess is a no...

3. What is your all-time favorite romance movie?
- Actually i dont know ... Hmmph

4. How many times have you honestly fallen deeply in love?
- Once...thats the truth she Lee en... o.o" But its all Over now...Sigh x.X

5. Do you believe that everyone has soulmate?
-Maybe... If there is then there is, but if there isn't then there isn;t

6. What's your current problem?
- Problem Free for now.... oh no... damn report!! Big problem ....

7. Have you ever had your heart broken?
-Of coz.... Everybody does

8. Had a Long Distance Relationship?
- Yeah... She's in aussie.. o.O" Allicia gabriella haze.. lol she told me the spelling is still wrong lol... I think long distance would be better, even though that person is so far less, meet ultimately less, but if it last and once meet up again... Imagine that.

9. Do you believe in this saying: ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER?
- Once a cheater maybe next hour no more...

10. Do you want to get married?
- Of Coz... but i think it would be someone in the same hotel/ restaurant im working in .... *wink wink*

11. How many kids do you want to have?
-AS MANY AS POSSIBLE lol!!!! hahahah... i dunno that is up to my future wife and me

12. Whats your favourite colour?
- GreenBlue PURPLE OF COZ!!!

13. Who was the last person you held hands with?
- o.O Lets see... cant remember

14. Do you believe in love at first sight?
- Yeah but its actually a crush... once you know that person thing changes

15. At what age did you start noticing the opposite gender?
-since baby.... see la who feed me lol

16. Do you still like your ex?
- Only one... yeah , But like i said... Its put in a cookie jar keep as a Great memory ^^

17. Do you know someone who likes you?
- I dunno you tell me if you do

18. Do you like anyone?
-I like everybody... but some ppl are special

19. Do they know you like/love them?
- Of cuz!! Everybody does...! lol

20. Would you kiss someone on your top?
-on my top what? no no...kiss only ______ and ______ and ______ and _____ and ____ oh yeah also ______ and _____ i think her too ____ how bout him??!?!?!? WHAT no him...sorry :P

21. Whats your status?
- Single Thirsty sleepy hungry

22. What can you say about your crush/GF or BF/special someone?
- eerr... Come to the DARK SIDE I have Cookie...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Today Special Chicken wing..

Weeeee been so long... haha anyway here some updates ^^ first of all

Jasmin gave me this i think its amazing and its nice


Lets see Today hnmmm i Cooked Chicken wings coated wtih honey sauce... For those Readers out there. If u been buying those roasted chicken from outside example Giant.. Well i learn how to make it i guess its the same method... Why keep things to yourself, " sendiri makan sendiri rasa penuh tapi berkongsi dengan orang lain semua rapa penuh"

Get rdy write it down u would be shocked...!!


An = Any amount
Butter AN
Honey AN
Chicken poweder [ IF NEEDED ONLY]

Chicken [of coz AN]

1. Boil butter to melt it
2. Add in honey.
3. keep pouring honey till u can taste the honey more than the butter
4. Now season it, salt, sugar to ur needs [CAUTION! : iF ur using salted butter...please la dont add more butter] {so pandai pandai play with it}
5. Butter must be warm mix it well
6. brush the honey butter sauce on the chicken...
7 put chicken to bake
8. 170'C for 15min
9. See color!!! if not brown enuf set oven to 180'C make sure chicken dont get burn!
10. take out...check if its cooked..
11.then Extra honey sauce... coat it to the chicken to give the shine and extra honey taste..
12. Ready to SERVE!!!

BEWARNED!!: Anyway i did this on chicken roasting whole chicken would not be the same...But method is the same...So cooks out play with the timing and temp!! Enjoy Chicken coated honey ^^ here's the pic i made today :P

Well i guess thats about all... This week super busy...too many function sigh...But im having fun...lots of burn marks but yeah im learning day by day...
Haiz kitchen its going to end soon...Gonna miss kitchen life everyday... haizz