Wednesday, December 31, 2008

before 2009

Well before 2009 comes!! things i must say... things i must tell...

First of all pic...

This is my causie.. from brother and dad. went there..she was thinner =.= haha but still pretty ^^ i know why its winter they eat more i guess to keep warm haha XD

First of all: Sorry
IM sorry to everybody..If i have been a jack ass... loser... a bad friend..too much of a flirt..and to a mui whom i love sorry for what i done, I just wanted to treat u more than a Fake brother..i wantd to be a real brother to u, sorry...Sorry if i disbehave..sorry if i shouted at anyone..sorry if i hurt ur feeling if i tease you too much.. Everybody im sorry from the deep deep deepest down in my heart...and im honest.. really i am sorry..lets put it all to a past and leave it all behind in 2008.. mui..or carmen...i hope we still can be friends or brother sister =(

I wanna say thank you to everybody!! =}
Thank you for being there for me,
Thank you for being my friend,
Thank you for taking care of me,
Thank you for giving me Things,
Thank you for the Friendship we have,
Thank you for Everything ^^
Thanks guys and Girls of coz.. for a wonderful 2008..
I meet, I get, I gone through alot alot of things, it helped me to change alot, 2009 would be a big change in my life. Things that i promise my self that i would stop doing, things that im gonnna work hard for. Im Bless with everything..and i wanna thank God for giving me a blessed 2008.. and i hope 2009 would be a better one.

As all the people who are born in 1989! wooho :P We are all growing up. We are no longer gonna be teens anymore.. we are going to be 20!! Young adult =D
So as part of growing up, i wanna be matured, in everything. Thinking acting playin all.. Try my best...And F**** the rest hahaha... sakae sushi..MOTO!! created by : Park, sunny, norman, bong, ahlong.

Third and final:
Next year resolutions:
1. Stop..a bad habbit
2. Study hard.
3. Find a Gf =.= [ see how ]
4. Find a good job once grad
5. grow up and mature.
6. Less FLIRTING! 100% sure, coz it sucks when someone hates you for that.
7.Try to get my own car
8. Get back all my friends that i was bad to..
9. To be a Better man.

Lastly i wanted to say this, To the girl i know, i love, happy new year. Soon our friendship as friends will reach 1year.. since the day i meet u till now its gonna be 1year edi haha ^^Be a good girl..

I just wanna be me! My rules, our love life, one hand, together all one heart!!

Happy new year!!! 2009 HERE I COME BABY!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What is it...

What the thing thats keep me going...
I am who i am, i go by my own rules.
I like to , Think..
Thinking helps alot.. But thinking of only 1 matter is like... Thinking of A,
But the thing is... there is Item B and C that usually many or alot of people dont notice it.
When people are sad... Things usually go.. Why this happen to me.? Why am i so unlucky.? Why doesn't she/he likes me.. why he/she hates me?
For me.. yes i admit ill think of that A to..why this why that..why me..why.why..why... But as i said thinking is nice... I think of..u know if this happen to me, whats the benefit, of me and her?? I keep saying to my self, If i continue emo-ing.. how would the other person feel... simple..its either they feel bad..or they think bout u... worst =.=
I dont know...its the way i think that keep me going on... I just got Re***ted.. Fine i am very sad bout it...almost a year i like this girl.. All i wanted is just us to be together, I don like to prison my Gf's i like to keep it free, Its the i trust u thing.. and u trust me.. but don go over the limit.. I dont mind that type of relationship where.. go out less, meet less, or anything.. for me..thats makes u happy and makes me happy that all matters. Why must one person jail his Gf? it gets so stuffy, stuck up, and wont last long... aT least when meet less, go out less, but still together, can really appreciate the time when we are together. I dont know why i wanted to type this out... maybe its becoz i want someone to read it, But...hmm i need go think more and more again..

I emo-ed while working, everyone could see it. I wasn't cured from the effects yet. But after awhile, while emo-ing and not many custermors I think, Ppl would talk bad bout me, and whats the point of emo-ing when whats done is already done.. So, have to go back my normal self.. I have no regrets. I still like her, i still love her and.. Will do anything for her... Even die..give all my money...clothes what ever.. MY life belongs to her..its up to her to keep it..break it... throw it..used it...anything...I just want to see her smiling, and always be close to me...coz i dont wanna lose, A girl like her...

Tied up from work, i wanted to like... go eat CRAB!!! with my mom..and her staff and partners on new year eve... But i have to work..leaving my poor dog at food... SAD!!! Shift starts at 1..finish 10..i think i would need to rush home..and settle house hold stuffs..

Eh...i want to play RO!! yes RagnaRok Online!! again... aww i missed it... kinda forgoten how to make my own server... who got the latest cd... give me..or donate =.= i wanna play ro Again soo badly...tired of dota-ing... Sigh...

Thanks mui and her bf nick..sending me home today!1 and had a great time eating and drinking..and playing cards with JOE...and dammit..he always win it all... DAM DAM DAM DAM... oh well..

Saturday, December 27, 2008

a Sunday morning

난 사랑에 빠진 소녀와 함께 해요.
하지만 난 깨진 느낌

J'espère que vous apprécierez les nouilles aujourd'hui, c'est parce que vous ne mangez pas le riz, je vous ai donné hier.


I'll grow better in time.."nekorb treah"

I just love cosplay

I just love to see ppl cosplay...make me wanna try it too haha..but malaysia..sigh..
the amount of money they spend just for a costume
..I wanna cosplay T_T
If i get a chance..i wanna try ^.^

i'll never regret loving u
No matter how long..i still love u..
Sarangheo "i love you"

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Xmas~~!! babyy

Merry Christmas! too all mahh dahlings ^^

Just came back from work.. Tired, even though i started work at 5.50pm XD
This morning i send my dad and younger brother to i had to wake up like giler early. Drive the car to and back.. I dont like big cars but big cars has lots of power ^.^

im kinda disappointed, kinda forgot to tell fahmi that today i cant work eventhough yesterday i told him that i could work today.. I wanted spend some time with mom this xmas, but sadly i rushed to work..coz there was like lack of staff.

When i arrived Gosh it was busy =.= today we hit our target! we broke the old record few days ago rm1500 today!! we reached rm1950!! almost 2k..but that time was already like sweep mop everything..

Teman piggy to ktm, scared smth happen to her i dont wan that to happen rite *wink wink*

No need to ommit,
Just have ea other, be very close
and most important...always have fun and always be happy thats
all We need..

I love you, and i hopt you would love me too =S

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So many people gonna say that they want you,
To try to get you thinking they really care,
But there's nothing like the warmth of the one
who has put in the time and you know is gonna be there,
Back your border when she knows someone crossed it,
Don't let nobody put you down, who your with
Take the pain of protecting your name,
from the crutch to the cane to the highwire

I'm in love with a girl who knows me better,
Fell for the woman just when I met her,
Took my sweet time when I was bitter,
Someone understands,
And she knows how to treat a fella right,
Give me that feeling every night,
Wants to make love when I wanna fight,
Now someone understand me,
I'm in love with a girl (I'm in love with) [x2]

After many broken backdoors and windows,
Through the valley of the love of the lost,
Is a hole that is cut through the souls falling down
from the thrones without any innuendos,
But you drown in a piece for the moment,
The moment was over in time,
Then its gone the hit and run the guiltless one has a short life

I'm in love with a girl who knows me better,
Fell for the woman just when I met her,

Took my sweet time when I was bitter,
Someone understands,
And she knows how to treat a fella right,
Give me that feeling every night,
Wants to make love when I wanna fight,
Now someone understand me,
I'm in love with a girl (I'm in love with) [x2]

Gonna tell you what you do to think you practice what you preach,
Now I know there's nothing we can't reach,
'cause the heart can't erase once it finds a place to be warm and welcome,
To be held in shelter

I'm in love with a girl who knows me better,
Fell for the woman just when I met her
Took my sweet time when I was bitter
Someone understands,
And she knows how to treat a fella right
Give me that feeling every night
Wants to make love when I wanna fight
Now someone understands me
I'm in love with a girl (I'm in love with) [x3]
Who knows me better
Wants to make love when I wanna fight
now someone understand me

Im in love with that girl.
I officially lost 11kg!! im 79kg now Happy-ness!!!!.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

What's a blog..??

-its something that a person cannot express their feelings by words so they type it out instead.
-Its when an emotion runs through and there is no body to talk to, write it out so ppl can read it.

For me, Blog is where my feelings are. blogging is like an insult, when u cant tell a person straight to their face that u hate then or you love them or w/e. I remembered when we had this conversation between me, derrick, aiman, david and joseph. And aiman pointed out some true facts, when u dont dare tell someone in the face,k u just type it out and figure that no one would ever read it.. its when someone cant release thier emotions. I dont know why i use my blog like an excuse to talk bad bout someone, but i actually dont really ment it, Piggy she is a nice girl, but the way i type bout her its like insulting her, and i find that is wrong. I love her, and all i want is for her to love me back, which i know it might be imposibble. I wanna blog, write bout my life coz its boring and only a few people would read how i feel. and JEEZ i surely dont want my parents to read it, they would like blow up at me. So back to my point When time is hard, i will blog. and ill blog bout my hard times, but when i read it back again...its like talking bad about the people i love..

then blablabla.....

I feel like an idiot writing this now =.=

Well anyhow im going to work soon...again ~.~ many ppl say " wei asher take holiday la...what for work so fast" And i will always and continue to say this " My holidays are screwed up... stay at sleep computer and get fatter -.- i rather go work lose some weight and be expose to the outside world more"

Where im working? " Desserts bar again =) " i like that place. Not becoz of smth but i dont know why i have that feel to go back there and work...but i wont go back to sakae sushi...maybe coz the kitchen boss are jack-asses XD
Well they are... long story but i shall write it down in my next i hav to dry my hair...its getting longer...and im lazy to cut my hair hahaha :P

Life Sux!

Yeah i know....everybody says it too " Life sux!! "
well it does...even for the one who has everything... and even worst for those who dont have everything and even worst for those who wants something but can never get..

I hate my family...keep complaining bout me...look i did my best to find a part time job so i can lift up some burden of taking their money...and...keep saying i would fail as a chef just coz i dont cook at home... I do just that YOU WERE NEVER THERE TO EAT!!

Sigh... I love someone...but i dont know if it could happen.. I try so hard..yet not succeed. its almost a year now..whats bothering me is..i keep helping her, give her this that...being nice..and we are close..and i can feel it..but..i dont know why, its just now happening.. its not like "others"
I was so happy to see her again, and after today..i feel like i dont wanna see her... weird..its really weird..

i hate holidays. I usually spend time at home...playing computer or eating or sleeping or just cock stare in the ceiling.. i hate it =.=
I rather go work..and thank god im working but my mom..keeps complaining again!!! bahh...i wanna MOVE out of here!!! HELPPP MEE!!!
Get rid of this pain im going through...hold with me..
most me.... I'm Lonely =(

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Training ended... Great work..bad place to work..

Now...nice place to work...nice girl to love ^^

and yes i love u ^^

Monday, December 15, 2008

no mood for blogging...maybe continue next time...

- Temporary Unavaliable -
Officially Closed for weeks.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not around

I wont be around for a couple of days...going for my holiday..and damn...i haven pack..and i have to leave like in 6hours time =.=

Off to where?? thailand!! yeah... piggy...dont worry porkie will be home..i promise! ^.^

Anyway have a great time...taking lots of pic..with my new camera! Canon ixus..i know its old modal but its new! .. have fun shopping new clothes and all.. dun worry ill bring things back.. bye

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Thursday, November 27, 2008


Been working alot...and i mean alot..this week my schedual is like 10-10.15..everyday...sigh.

no time to spend at home..LEss time with family..less time with friends...less time with the people you love most..

5 Facts of why one shouldn't go to sakae sushi:

  1. Food is horrible.
  2. No worth buying such exp food but the inexpedience are like cheap.
  3. Kitchen tool and board are really not clean even how many times its been clean.
  4. Lack of real CHEF inside kitchen.
  5. Not worth a sen,if your gonna pay for service tax and gov tax..but the food..sux =.=
Well as i was saying...But here are the reasons why one should go to sakae sushi:
  1. Some food are tasty
  2. Dim environment. Cozy type of place
  3. ...
  4. ,,,,
  5. ''''
Cant say much good things bout it...Blahh.
Now why one shouldn't work in sakae sushi:
  1. People there sux.
  2. Service is OH MY GOD standard.
  3. Not organize at all.
  4. They want you to OT *over time* more but with less pay.
  5. Nothing to learn after few weeks.
  6. Pay is horrible
I love food any type of food...But sakae...worst thing i ever experience...Sigh

Love her..But..never gonna happen
How i wish.we could put our fingers together point at the sky..And yes thats our star
I dont know who i love.
Asher Loves Everyone..Except somefewone


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Its been...another super tiring..oMG day that just passed =.=
This time 3 reasons to be tired... :
1.] Coz work more than 12hours
2.]Coz...only person who hates me in work is AUNTY! *A.k.a Old B*tCh
3.] got lost in puchong with aaron joe and denise =.=

lolz..anyway here is some pic...oh yeah and i hav a video clip for u!! :P
Its that day punya funny thing during the rain... the moving cone.. enjoy^^

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bluekkk.... tui tui tui...

*Sobs sobs sobs* just finish watch a last episode of.. "im sorry, I love you"
omg...i cant believe they repeat it...and i get to watch the last ep...i missed that show so much... korean drama... never fail to make me emotional... Should watch it..its a great drama... if u get into the story..its just too nice...great starting and ending... Great@@!!

Well today i work full shift =.= 10-10.30pm =.=
Tiring...lucky today is my off day [Tuesday] gonna sleep kau kau!!! XD
pretty much nth to say..coz nth interesting happen...ooooo i hav smth..but haven upload to computer yet...that day rain...was having like break...with derrick and some mamak in parade...then i notice...smth...the kon...outside...those kon to stop car from w/ rain was so looks like the kon was like walking..away running away to be exact...i hav the video...wait la ill upload it soon hahha...very i and derrick decided to record lol :P


My heart is empty...
Why do i feel like someone important is there..
who is it...i wanna know..
Where is the answer when i need it..
I know ur close..
But... i cant find u..
Who are u miss right?..
will i ever find u?..

Maybe....Maybe not..
Im not emo-ing..
Im just feeling..very empty right now..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

0.O" v

Its been awhile since i bloged :P quite a number of things weird ones... lol
First one...few days ago...i was kinda gonna be late for i took the taxi to work...usually i will take the bus.. Anyway stop a in..say to subang parade.. that guy said ok... Usually u dun really talk much with the taxi driver... but his uncle...keeps on talking to me...then he said..smth bout my smile?? yeah anyway...then he said in the quran got smth bout the smile...blessed or smth.. lol... *shy* hahah perasan pulak...then he was liketalking bout youngster these days..asking where i old =.= so i just tell lohh..then when reach parade...i saw the meter rm4.90 he said " dik , hari ini uncle sangat gembira dapat bertemu dgn kamu...saya hanya charge anda rm3 saja" I was like... u know when things are cheaper of coz la pay...and dun fight back... but then...its not workers only have like 7days off in a year...i gav him rm5...he giv me back rm2...then i say...i cant do that...but ill giv u rm4... lol..Sometimes things happen for What ever reason..But i know God blessed me that day..haha =)

Guess what... i tried dying my hair for the 2nd time... purple is the color...this time i still din bleach..but i left it on for like 2hours 30minutes... lol can see the diff but dark place..looks black happy with it.. but this morning i think i kena allergy from it...i woke up like 4am... and it was darn hard to breathe for like 2hours....i keep hitting my chest...struggle like hell... then i calm my self down.. breathe slowly...then i manage then fell asleep again coz too tired...

DAm wei...i miss college... haha but when go college.. i miss training... go training i miss college... Whats the point =.=
Last night my mom asked me again... "boy do u really want to become chef"
Well u know la how mothers not sure bout urs.. but mine..everyday come PMs... scold scold scold...smallest thing in the world... shout!! arghh...for 20years im suffering...bahh sometimes i wish she just get too old and tired to shout anymore... when im not happy...i usually only say only few words...wont talk much....wont be around.... So she asked me again... " wanna be a chef? " then i din answer her...omg i been taking culinary for like wat/...2years now?? and all i do is cook cook cook...see cooking show... i soo wanted to shout back... NO...F**K CHEF LINE...F*cK..... Coz of u mom...many times i tell me self...why am i doing chef line...why sometimes i hate it so much!!! i got a confesion la... i dun cook at home... u know why...when i wan get the stuff to will biliblalbabilbialbll...make noise..then say too much steps this that...omg...thats why i dun cook at home ... Andy u know mom told u...i dun cook at home... thats why i hate cooking at home...the only person i would cook for at home now is only my brother...and my dad when he ates at home for lunch...if not...hell with it laa...

At the brighter inside cold kitchen now...for like 2weeks edi...i should be goin into hot kitchen today...and omg...its dam hot...imagine kitchen so small deep fryer at the left handside of the wall and salamander just on the top the the machine to boil water and next to that is the stove... giler giler kau panas inside... and u know la FAT guys..when feeling HAWT XD "hot" sweat mahh... i sweat sweatr sauna can lose weight fast....haha...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Purple... Cool-ness

*sobs sobs* im suppose to have purple color hair today!!
hahah i first time dye my own hair...purple color though...well i kept it for like 1hour but but...during shower can see the color...but but...other ppl say looks the same...i was so char tou... hahah i know why edi...purple can see when bleach the hair.. then color and and...i use little only coz i scared wont work...hehehe gonna put more again!! =)

Anyway today went parade...saw dessert's bar guys and girls...sakae sushi...then i saw an angel XD
no la i went makan with mui mui ^^ went shopping...toy's r us. then went blogging..and thinking what to do... oh yah... Tamar!!! < Tamar >
i love this singer...specially purified and transcend... support support ppl...

Oh yes one more thing.. BabyShn just opened ThinkGlamz... and i wanna support oso..girls if u love earrings...handphone have a look at this website..and give ur support please ^^ < Think glamz>
well thats all for now!! Teehee XD

Sunday, November 2, 2008


This is bad...i keep having this stupid working nightmares. when im sleeping...the dreams are like so real...its like im still just makes me more and more tired...bahh i hate this------ im totally pissed rite now lol....

Hehe tmrw i hav half gonna go find my mui...maybe catch a movie...haven see her for a long time few months?? but before that i din see her for like 3years ++ hahah XD
I hope she does well for pmr....oh wells..

Derrick is coming in kitchen!!! good la ...less headache for me...hoho but his off today...dammit...arghh.... and this sore eyes...and itchy-ness are like killing me...i think im allergic to something but i cant figure it out....gosh my hands are so itchy now.... *scratch scratch*

Got to go now...gonna watch HSM3 online haha...For free...since i cant go movies see online la...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I miss u!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

At 4.22pm yesterday... oct 26 2008.. Asher quit a really bad habit and im proud of it!!!
but now all i need is to prove it right... yay!!!

Yesterday was last day of service wooohooo... from tomorrow onwards im going into the kitchen! yes la...finally been waiting for so so so long...i worked soo hard *tears* *sob sob* =P

I had this same dream for like 4days in a role...where this unknown girl...kissed me at the cheeks then we like couple...but...i dunno feels like someone i know...Anyway..its just a dream rite...4days in a role...maybe coz im thinking to much about it thats why the same things keeps coming.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


yesterday din take much pic...actually din take any at all...but yeah love the friends and company ^^

anyway wanna see my present?? from Alvin , julia and andy if not mistaken :P

as usual the gang would get me weird stuff XD Last year andy bought me a Box of condom =.=
I never used one oso ok =.= *shy*
This year haha underwear -.- MOOOOOOO :P
Anyway thats for coming yesterday.... im proud to be 19!! hehe... im not getting getting wiser day by day ^^"

Officially 19!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Today so tiring...have to take bus to pyramid and back to parade to continue work...bahhhh.. but only 1more week then KITCHEN BABY!!!

Well when i came back i saw JOANNE!! omg girl i missed u so much T_T
hahah so wanted to hug u XD
Anyway 26more min!!! then im officially older hahaha
Still hoping tmrw night NO RAIN!! if not spoil sighh...
G2g wanna rest and...prepare for tmrw ^^

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Few words.. " i hope there is no rain tmrw "
Today is gonna be a sucky day.. i have to travel from parade to pyramid..then come back... omg..just for a stupid meeting... !! bluekkk...mind as well just dont go back work =.=

Thursday, October 16, 2008

oh boy...

its been so long since i last blogged ^^ my line had some small msn blog...even facebook i cant view =.= yah i know it sux hahah... wat happened these few days...sigh...i hate it la...kena tio from customers, many times not my fault oso...but still sighh... Dun care la, only one i wont forget was yesterdaY , MATSALEH!!! ORANGPUTIH!!! i hate chu!!! =( omg scold me like no body bisness , i mean in not the supervisors , manager ect ect...come on la im a human...just because ur food din come on time no need to tio me like im ur punching bag =.= BAHHHH dun work at sakae sushi...its really hard...but i recomend those whom are doing management...once u master sakae sushi...other place is seriously piece of cake only. Bahhh... Anyway only happy thing bout yesterday is, i saw sio sen!!! ahh miss u girl hehe = ) and i baught my new shoes....why! coz while broke -.- so no choice hav to spend rm70 for new cheap bata brand... my old shoe is also bata it din even last like 6months??? money buy good shoe hahah XD waiting for pay la....then i need pay back my dad, mom, and phone bill....bahh im stressing over money :( bluekk dun care for now la.... Anyway i found a new singer i like Tamar.... < CLICK ME > there is the link...haha check her out...i love her song... new day... omg to me...its my song...coz im facing it now hahaha XD well i got to go now.... i leave u with this lyric... got to go cook lunch and go work...haiz... I LOSE 5KG amazing =.=

*Thinking of holding u again, where i left off last. But u wont want it ^^ *

tamar - new day

Before the light I found the dark
Before tonight I feel apart
Frozen up IÂ’ve realized that somethingÂ’s gotta change

It took a crash to understand
Time kept slipping through my hands
I never used to know
The sun will shine after the rain

Say goodbye, say goodbye to the way I was before
Say hello, say hello to a new way
I was lost, but I found what I was looking for
Waking up, waking up to a new day
A new day

I was sleeping in a twisted dream
Dying just to make believe
A pretty situation was far from where I was

But IÂ’m not up for giving up
Lying down and out of luck
My mistakes are in the open and know IÂ’m finally coming clean

Say goodbye, say goodbye to the way I was before
Say hello, say hello to a new way
I was lost, but I found what I was looking for
Waking up, waking up to a new day
A new day

Cause everything, everything ends at the start
IÂ’m healing and feeling all of my scars

Say goodbye, say goodbye to the way I was before
Say hello, say hello to a new way
I was lost, but I found what I was looking for
Waking up, waking up to a new day
A new day

Sunday, October 12, 2008

shoft shell crab maki

I rather if non of u all come...u know why..politics i hate it so about *** 3months i was with u guys and girls... say, we get closer together but actually kau kau politics..thats why i hate going on Sat so much...Politics..i talk to ppl about this..and it would change...change my ass will never change...only the good and real christian will be good...the politic ppl....bunch of show off... there i admite my feelings towards u ppl...gosh..i always been telling ppl...denying the point...the truth is the truth the church as u..Hate it....bahhh!!!!

To someone.: to lose someone is better than someone losing u. whose lost is it?? yes u lost that person...but the fact is..the person lost someone who loves that person alot..

Anyway work is getting more and more crazy....haiz tired...i slept for like what? 10 hours =.= open eyes and omg...still tired...i hate everything right now...bahh im not emo-ing@! im just...frus..oh well dun care la....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It seems so...Far yet so near

Im such a mess...gosh...working at sakae sushi now... service side...pic bad quality, blame the phone -.-
First time in 2weeks!!! sakae sushi was empty for like 30mins =.= only...sadness T_T
During this training.. meet alot of type of customers , got friendly, bitchy, noughty O.o", sexy, funny, ugly, tall, short, big, small , understanding, inpatient [ alot =.=] , EGO and many more... The people whom i hate most who come and ate at sakae sushi is those office workers : /
They berlagak like giler kau! Thinking that thier job is like so super...acting so big great and all mighty, the story is like this, u see the I.M was bit cacat, so i told them can sit another table since that table is actually for 12ppl seating, then this ass said Look Around i dun see the restaurant busy at akk. So i was like " oh ok sir if u insist but sir.. the computer here is abit cacat, Then he shouted Just let us sit here!! and go greet someone else.. THANK YOU!!! then i no choice lo yes sir. After that they keep calling for me, i told them got service delay for 15min, food would come slow.. then every 5min keep calling me, keep saying where is our food?? why so long. i Said " sir i informed u about the service delay sir. Then he macam DUN Stupid =.= Then as i was saying the computer bit cacat, the list became long, he choose food comes out double. he called me, Boy what happened to your computer arr??? why is it so Stupid.. why u cannot do anything.... check all my orders and cancel alot. That time i so wanted to say F*** U SIR I TOLD U EDI!! BIT*H @!!!@!@!@!@#!@&uytr#@#$%^&%$#@!#$%&$#@!#$%^&*^%$#@
so i said lo...sir earlier i told u bout this computer, u did not want to listen... he shouted JUST SHUT UP AND CANCEL!! he so dam ego wei!! infront all his friends, so i said ok..which ever food is going to come out edi im not canceling it, since sir ur the one who is controling the mouse, food which not yet prepared i will cancel as u ordered me...then i walked away... then when they wan to pay edi...this Jack ass complain about me....then pay and went off...manager like wanna sound me edi...then one of the girl who was with that ass h**e came and told Me, That feller ordered wrongly, and his ego just too MUCH so proud of him self, sorry to cause trouble... OMG EVEN a lady can stand up for him...he own self WTF laaaa omg....haizz...

Any from today on..should be having more staff, so mine and derricks weight would be lifted....So short of man power.. haiz...

I been thinking, What am i feeling lately. Thinking of how my life was in the past, its just some random thoughts.. And i figured out, even though my grades are not tooooo good mostly bad all the times, friends love like and hate me... Im blessed ^^
Im blessed by many ppl, meeting great friends, family, neighbour. Yeah its true, meeting people whom i felt love for the first time. My ex haha well, the truth i hav other ex before her, but i know its puppy love or crush, but her..It was diff, i Felt " u know hey asher if someone can love u, then we are consider blessed edi" Im very thankful now for the people i meet. I just wished i realise this earlier, Change my fate with her, I wanna let go. I tried.. not working..Even its like 1year now, i tried falling inlove with anohter just to let go...when i was talking to Cy...mui said kor i know edi, its actually u like Those girls, not love. We can feel we can see...thats when i realise it, Hahah thanks mui now im awaken, Love u haha... Yes chooi yin is now my Fav mui ^^ vicky too...but she got boo now hahah...

Now i'm changed i guess..i wanna grow up, i dun wanna be who i was anymore...Dun wanna be much of a flirt but i wanna be more of a good friend, Tell u a secret, i go out with friends,, but when other ppl go out,its diff. i always wanna know how its like for real friends to hang out ^^ I dun have a bestie best friend is hard to find..comes once a life time..once lost..thats it so hard to gain back.. And i told my self...Time to stop emo-ing.. and im gonna stop..think reality...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

so tired

I am soo tired, yet im blogging... hehe coz baby shn is doing my header..well it was to cheer me up...coz of lausy work.haiz. sakae...arghh dun wan think bout it...give me more headache only...hehehe biii ur header..cheered me up alot..hehe thanks ^^

Anyway today...Work again...sucky place.... but this time derrick was here =.=
omg first time i can see how pissed he was...haha i am pissed too...we are trainees come on where is the human rights?? we are trainee come in fresh dunno shits. dun la treat us like we worked there for like 5years that time u wan scold us..its ok wan...dun la when after we do mistake...then tell us..and scold at the same time...babi i hope u 2 so hais there just die la...DIE DAMMIT..

Well anyway...saw pam eddie and su sing...oppss i 4got!!!! he wanted gas ppl phone number and i 4got...swttt..hhahah dun care la give him later hehehe.. got to go...dam tired wanna sleeep early today....sacrifice some computer time for rest..

oowww my feet hurts =(

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I hate Sakae sushi!!!!

Asher is anti - sakae sushi!!!!!!

sakae sushi is the worst place on earth to train!!! they treat trainee like worst than dogs... as today is my first official day working..soi dont know thier operation i nicely with a smile ask them. Tai kor, how to do? what must i do ? the best part was he started scolding me,.... he said we never teach u anything meh? why u so stupid look around and see la. we dun need tell u anythin u should know edi... WTF is this, dun tell anything on what to do or brief then i would know everything WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM!!!!
When i was gonna go for break...they say... late 1min deduct 1hour of worktime salary...15min late half day worth of salary 1hour late!!! 3days of salary is deducted!! mind as well dun go work....STUPID PLACE....dun go sakae sushi i hope it dies!!! burned down...or just kill that fucking fuck faces there..

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well i officially started training. At where? look above XD
yea,...yesterday was our first day of training. Me derrick joe.. pui san and lim. We had our orientation, lots and lots of talk bout types of sushi and meaning.. lol it was fun...and boring too.. haha anyway we have no choice but to do service..but we are not normal trainies we are training to be service managers XD they are giving us coat.. to be a manager lol....then only after 1month ill be inside kitchen...YESH cant wait...but 1month is like very very fast hahaha XD. Its 3.45pm...why i can blog at this time?? XD
Well today is my off day...right after my first day of work is my off day..then tmrw! off oso PH XD dam funny...first week of work...2days off edi lol. im gonna love sakaw sushi XD
Go for moonboy.. /=D this boy can shuffle better than many ppl i know ;) hahaha XD

byee i wanna sleep not enough still sick sighh

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I wanna be

Im trying to change my looks lol.... i wanna look like T.O.P. Only follow the eyes and the hair and pierce the ears only... Giving thought to it...and wanna see how it turns out ^^ first need to do most important thing in the world! Lose weight ~.~

Then speaking of change style...i was reading law of euki PLUS manga...interesting...his powers are now mop... so yeah as the pic above there was one part dam dam dam funny...thats haiji, Oh yeah i wanna to get his bandana!! omg so cool must read the manga to know why...and nagara's snow hat and googgles !! yumm...dam nice...but not malaysian style...but what the heck i like to be diff...soo gonna find it and try it.. hehe..
And this pic =.= was chatting with wailoon and leon till like 1am..talking bout then mo tin tin...this picture came up hahahaha funny-ness

thats all for today...the day jsut started...maybe later ill blog more... ^^

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy birthday Elmo

Happy birthday alvin !!!!

lol sorry i dun have pic of us XD or in a small group hahah...but spot the alvin!!! at the right side...diff hair style as u can see haha... happy birthday bro XD

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Flowers of life.

Lovely isn't it, flowers... Flowers beautiful aren't they...Flowers adorable aren't they.
Flowerss, flowers, flowers...
Flowers, they are like Ones feeling for someone else,
When one is empty and lonely, it does not blossom, only leafs.
When it found someone to impress, It blossoms, showing off the beauty of it.
And the time period is over, it dies, turns black and eventually falls off.
Flowers, they represent our feelings, when we are single, lonely or alone, we are just
the leafs. We dun want to blossom, we dun want to be a pretty flower.
but when someone special enters our life, we blossom. we want to express our feelings, we bloom
presenting the flower of our feelings, at many times it looks great.
it look lovely, beautiful from the outside in.
But when that special someone leaves, leaving us heart broken. The flower
will wither, being dead inside out, all black.
So flowers flowers... When we give flowers to it the meaning? does it some how represents
our feelings when we give flowers to someone?.
flowers, flowers, flowers. I was blooming, till i withered. Dry from the inside out. pretty u are
, in the end u would still be hurt. no Point..
I'm not emo-ing, Its my thought.. are we like a plant..without the help of ppl watering us..can we stay alive? appreciate ur friends and family..for they have water u through out ur friends... =)

Since there is nothing much to home i been viwawa all day @@~!
Holy cow, dam boring la, many ppl on holiday like david chris all in Sg now...charles dunno where edmond oso dunno where alvin oso dunno where..oh alvin..most prob training edi or....with someone rite now hahah XD
here is my avatars ^^

Cuteness XD play la join me..seinz u know...they got chor tai teee, mahjong, some other stuffs XD fun la...but play alone seinz la XD

here's something from my brother..his friends in school...look how ganas the cute girl lolz...she is such a adorable girl lol... click here since there is no code for it.

to a certain someone.. better think twice wat u said..its fine with me, only i will feel the pain, but u better remember the words u use to say, and the action u use to make. dun think its all bout me only..ur involve in it. that settles it, u wan me off ur life. fine with me. Make sure, u think back and remember the words u use to say to me. not i love u, but others..Just remember, be happy, when no one watches u anymore, just remember I looked out for u, but now...will never happen again. mo sal, the guy who once i called idiot..i use to call him tat, becoz of u. Trying to support u,,and blabla..useless now..u make me look like a fool. good for u then...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Its 1year i just realise its 1year now

Yeah training is going to start soon... sept 29. I'm missing college now, i want to go see my friends and sleep in class, walk around find many things to 1week holiday, stuck at home...seinz till wan die some other problem that, i can never settle = (
6more days, meet new people in the industry and learn new experience.

Sometime Survey:


sometimes i just need: You

somtimes i want: company

somtimes i like to: wonder around

sometimes all it takes: is just...

somtimes i picture: my self drowning in the ocean

sometimes i wish: I could reverse time and re-do my mistakes

sometimes i find: blond girls annoying.

sometimes i take: a deep breath..and never let it out till i almost choke to death

sometimes i look: at girls in the eye to tell them im here for u

sometimes i hate: people who talks big but going no where

sometimes it’s nice: to Hug someone you love.

sometimes it hurts: to see the one you love got hurt

sometimes it makes me happy: to see ur smile

sometimes it’s sad: when someone passes on

sometimes i listen: to people's advice till it sounds like they are scolding me

sometimes i sleep: I dream of us, during our older days

sometimes i like to watch: Anime bleach [porn O.O" haha XD.]

sometimes i feel: Like a total stranger to u..i am now

sometimes i rant: on my life

sometimes i never: wish that we could end 1 year agoo... its 1year that is fast..

sometimes i really: want to jump from a cliff

When I’m .. alone i tend to be emo

sad, i want: Sushi queen

happy, i need: My kitty shirt... meeooowww

mad, i wish: u F off..who ever u are?? xD

overjoyed, i find: my self in heaven

indifferent, i like to: wear shirt with lots of dots in it... for a change o.o"

content, i never: watch tv??

frustrated, all it takes: to kill someone


you saw your best friend on one side of the road, but you also saw one of your close family members on the other side, and they were both in serious danger, who would you go to help first? and jesus was standing right infront of you, what would you say to him?

I'll say.. Lord take my life, spare my family members and my close friends life..take mine instead and let them live on..for i have sin alot and deserve to be punish for my sins...forgive me and safe them dear lord. ^^

you had the choice of going back in time to or go forward in time to see the future, which would you choose?

ill choose non of the above...i like the present...not everything i like but its ok laa...

Ehh its 1 year already...i knew it was at September but cant remember the date...but i saw my old post...and i realize its 23 sept which is today.. wow time flies so fast...1year edi.. i cant believe we are separated for so long now. Lots of changes huh, we grew up and have life on our own now... But till now i still wish i could share my life with u ^.^

no regrets in life...may god bless us more... study hard someone great in the future...and ill do my best as well ^^ Im glad we are still friends ^^ Lee en

I know now...Gonna let it go..Sorry for everything..I wanted us to be more..Guess its...not gonna be..
I still love u...but, since u decide to do so...ill just let it be...and let us be a mere memory..

Another Wave...

im not really in the mood... but i only want to hear korean song which is..From big bang..I have no feelings now...but this 2 songs...kinda speak for me...So enjoy it



Sunday, September 21, 2008

I find

I find kari byron hot!
check this out...

I need you =(

Saturday, September 20, 2008

PaInt Ball

As you can is paintball day!!! we were finalist but due to my ..miscomunication with the reff... we lost :( could had won rm500 in CASH~~!?!?!? damm laa.... soo tired...paint ball is very very fun!! omg i love it.... i wanna go again....more more !!!

After that went cc with charles....go home...and now blog bout paintball then...going to sleep edi... dam tired XD..

tata...time no oink oink

Friday, September 19, 2008

End of Term4!

Term 4 is Officially OVER!!!

First of Happy Birthday to
Piggy!! [ cole]



Its been a long time since i blog ^^ due to some reason set ups.. My internet was block...DUN USE KAPESKY!!! sux wei lol... but good la when configure properly hehe
Anyway this week exam week, i last minute study alot!! kau alot..thanks to Alvin, simon, pam, ju whole of group 1 la...hehe last minute study moment really helped alot ^^ thanks Guys and Gurls ^^ .. Exam, was easier than mid term...dam WTF... hahaha i hope i get a good global avarage...if not sigh...

well starting 19 sept 2008 im going for my second parade in sakae sushi ^^ sux when our 2nd training suppose to be all kitchen but i have to do service for 1month sigh....

While working part time in Parade...i meet my very very old friend...her name is Emily ^^ if i remember the last time i saw her is when form 3...if not mistaken..its been so long!! but today too tired cannot see I organize to meet her wan today, haha but i think its ok la...since she got assignment to do.. Anyway tmrw im going for paint ball competition...organize by college, first time in my life im playing paint ball wanna experience then need go give resign?regisn...w/e letter to desert's bar, since stop edi...sad..but get to see them everyday hahah...during training of coz..

I miss church people alot...specially aim, and love ones haha...just when i wanna go back youth training, ill try make sat off so i can go youth ^^ Church church..haizz
Muiii!!! did i do something wrong?? must tell me, plz dont ignore me =(

Well i guess thats all for today...wanna go DOTA!! kick some AIs ass!!!

Tatata!! ^^
gonna miss term 4, how time flies. Just started day 1 and now ended...sigh

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

sorry aunty... lol

Kesian her

man Singapore radio station are much better than malaysian one i guess
I guess im ok now...controlled my but there was something i did not want to hear...but nvm la...i can understand ^^

this is the best one

Monday, September 8, 2008

I hate today

Look man...i know i sucked badly today ok...dun think i dun know , dun have to remind me..
I did my did not turn out the way i wanted to..i dun blame the ppl who came late..woke up late..ok im blaming my self rite now, i dun even know how to face tomorrow to my group. i feel like an ass, i tried my best i really did, if i didn't i wouldn't even come today. I wouldn't even care. sorry la i screwed it up... I love pastry but its not my field, i tried to be organize but it doesn't seem to happen... SORRY LA not good enough.
Once the wound is stabbed, dun punch it in. Im hurt, really i am, this is a nightmare my first dissaster. We are learning,, so am i. I even threw away my pride and appologize to EVERYONE in the group. If im a bad chef today, plz do so say it. Wanna make the wound deeper please do so!! ok..


I hate TODAY!!!!!!!!!! I HATE IT , I HATE IT!!!!!!!!

if wan me to appologize again... IM SORRY GROUP1 SOOOOOO F....SORRY I SCREW UP TODAY...

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Currently dam dam dam dam dam dam!!
Stress ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
i scared monday not enuf ingredients.
I scared what i plan all wrong..
omg im in a panic state rite now, i dun care bout food science rite now
All i wan is monday to over quick and Steady going...i am scared!!!
terrified... feel like im standing alone..
I hope im not...i hope my group stand by me....SORRY GUYS IF I FAIL U!!
Ill hang my self never to come back T_T

Today, went out with u.

I thought it was gonna be fun, walk around at time square w/e.
But i know this is important for u.. so i bare with it, When the whole time i was there i just felt...
Left out..haiz,, ur my mui, we should be closer than bf and gf.. Sorry i ruin ur day with my
emotions.. sorry

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

[PART 2] of What A day

Today, is like POW~!~!~! Full of Crazyness and all..
AS you can see, pictures down there, hehe
erm. there was presentation for french is like our assignment la,
so we have to act a celeb scene, but everything in french. And make it as interesting
as possible la. So we had singers, Gay actor[me], and [mr.anonymous] X.x [Shemale.]
hahahah its all fun la, learning is all bout fun,specially when comes to french.. mad-ness
With the lecturer lagi GG...

Then kitchen, we had basket style? if thats how u call it, it means
no guidance. like no recipe hehe, so everything if own skill and style.
I partner pam, hehe she kept saying sorry, aiya pam no need say sorry yah^^ im not
sooooo GOOD like someONE heheh ;) so yeah we learn from our mistakes''
So as i was saying, during studies we can aim to be number one. But like
when me , derrick, david and aiman were discussing, when we go out and work
its either big or small, skills is skills no more the best no more the number one
yes we still have our rankings and all, but it all comes down to that person... hehe
So yeah, we are not born perfect, so whoever pandai pandai say we are perfect and all,
go CHURCH ok, learn the truth seek the truth ok! xD

Today, i told her i would wait for her to finish dinner service, and like go home with her
Then, i only have like one reason to wait *Something laa* and i feel kinda bad coz
I left and went home first, im not trying to be bad ok, i did my very best to
contact her, but her cellphone was off, i even tried calling her friends to give her the message.
So i hope she dont think me as a fangkuater or something, Im soft xD what to do

Haizz,,,now i dam stress lo, thinking bout next monday.
Im the exu chef for pastry next monday. I hope it turns out well =(
I'm afriad that things would fall apart, i know im not good in all this
But Dc28~~!! group 1 i promist ill do my best to stay awake and organize.
Bare with me ok for just 1 day, then later hate me or love me la kk^^
If ur readin this...group1 hehehe im like pleading ok XD coz im very worried =(

What a DAy XD [part 1]

Omg what a Crazy day!!! ill explain in PART 2