Thursday, February 26, 2009

World like never b4

ITs public again...Anyway pic!!!! XD

Bahh...4get it for now..internet bloody slow...
And not in the mood for blogging...Wait lah...maybe tmrw ill put up pic on what been happening lately ^^ lol

Friday, February 20, 2009


Like i said...we are not perfect..i am not perfect u are not too...
Just the Garghh!!! PMS-ING MOMENTS!
That black armpit will always be black armpit...trying to act cool but actually like so hai...i got no misunderstanding with u...i just dun like ur ego-ness...THATS ALL..
And cock-y ness oso... bluehh....1Advise lah from me...during apply tech...after food comment from chef...or during or before dun have to talk about other ppl dish..dun laugh at it or w/e keep the comments to ur self...dun act so pro infront...suggest ppl dun tell them what to do...ur not the bos..ur just older...and bit more skillfull...nth else

-The end- i wont say anymore edi.. i say what i want to say ill tahan till the next time i explode inside my blog again...behh...

Starting to hate blog... =(

Dear Andy

To andy...the Dick

I dun giv a dam about u... MY past is my past Janice and me already put it to past...u still like a dick never change.. Steamboat? Up urs, i did nothing I was being nice to nice to everyone eXcept u...coz ur a shit...ur a fool...u dunno u type all this things on my blog is actually to embaress ur self more..I got nothing to say to u.. U think im childish...yes maybe i am but u...u never change never grew up and self centered bitch...u wan me look in the MUCH MUCH MORE HANDSOME THAN U...pimple shit face...I dun care bout u...College will be College...and i think and what many ppl alrdy think is when u go out to the industry...many ppl will NOT ACCEPT u as a chef...maybe steward...give u face abit...

I made mistakes in my life...i never said i was perfect, and im a guy i flirt...memories in college yah alot...and u...cause trouble to me, somethings that i can avoid u made it whos the stupider person now... ITS U ANDY LIM... Act big act as BIG AS U WAN... i dun give a dam...U do not deserve to be even called friend. What an ass of me to look up at u, u got some skills in the kitchen but ur attitude is like F**ed up...everyone hates doesn't hurt me if u take my friends only hurts me that ur being an ass a SORE LOSER all this while... Think propelly andy...ur actions make ppl talk bout u...i know my actions very well, u dun have to remind me..i am what i am...and dun sing ur shit song on my blog or anywhere near sounds like Frog...just like ur face...

Worthless Andy...blahh why am i wasting my time talking bout u...Say what u wan....u dun even know how to treat a girl...I kesian pam alot, u urut her till she feels so much pain and ask u to stop oso...u never did somemore hit her whack her with book pen w/e tease her... ur such A NOT GENTLEMAN.... Coz we all know ur a frigging GAY!!

I dun wan anything related to u edi....Group project is group project ill just do my part...F with u...go to hell..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Its a Foggy Day

I'm Sad =(
I miss the sound of ur voice, I miss the rush of ur skin, I miss the still of the u breath out and i breath in..

You look pretty today, i cant stop smilling as i saw u earlier.. Your smile made my day wonderful...
But..I stayed back, wanting to go out with u today but i guess that din happened..But i spend time with my mui... its been a long time pun wei chi^^ guess what we did today XD

Mine was better looking though but i din save it XDXD was in the library...while i was waiting for piggy's reply we did this hahah^^ Finally get to spend bit of time with PUN!! =) cookiess***

Emo...Why is it that...sometimes,
When i commit to something,
It ends up back fire on me..
Why do i wait so long for a girl who wont be with me?
Why when i dun feel like coupling, someone would be there to hold me.
When there is no someone..i tend to find someone to hold..And i choose u..over 1 year now..i still have feelings for u...Many things happened to us, went through...
I still wanna tell u, i love u, still wanna do things for u with u etc..
Coz i dun plan to lose someone like u...

WAKAKAKAK!!! i dont care... im only angry coz, coz u broke it that cause no body got to try my bread..... Loser lah u andy...!! loser... Bluekk... dun la serve paper to chef..wan kill ur customer meh XD

Now happy... ANdy andy!! haha im happy coz, I dont know lah..ur funny like joker...i think ur cute! wanna gay? lolz...

Bluekk what i said earlier

Sorry im just sad and hyper at the moment!! I <3 RO!! and i <3 Piggy ^^
ro ro ro ro ro ro ro ro ro...of becoz of ro i got hyper -.- LOLZ i dun care what ur gonna say bout ro...but i still <3 ro!! dun care....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Dont ever!!! bahh
I was damn pissed off awhile ago!! omg...

First Thing dont ever ask me, " ASher!! u got gf edi is it?"
If i say yes means yes, if i say no means NO. and if i say i dont know means i dont know lah..
ITs currently very complicated and confusing..and i dun wanna think of it..

Second! Dun ask me, " You Broke up with ur gf rite?? "
Yes i broke up but thats a long time ago...and its my worst memory. I dont tend to think bout it again coz it hurted too much... "Its not easy giving up someone, eventhough its almost a year now,i finally let go...i dun wanna be emo again k.... ISH! so dun ask silly question u,,,,bahh words can discribe ur!! bluekk-ness =.=

Im asher, always will be asher...
I have
Feeling for 1 girl
Crush on some
and hate ONE alot...

Done...The end!

Anyway Pastry class over...made cheese cake!! yummm!!! I think mine was the best!! LOL *proud ness*
Work of Alvin and me hahaha!! it was NICE ok...even Andy ter-said it!! opps XD hahahaha
Back more angry edi....kinda will ware off in yeah ^^

Saturday, February 7, 2009

What do u know that i dunno...i really wanna know

Happy Birthday Charles!
haha had lots of fun...with Eggs =.= dam why must i kena oso
LOGEN!!! Celaka XD
I dont get it, what u all know that i dunno...and then not telling me...did i do smth...sooo confusing!!
Im gonna make tiramisu!! now, i realize my machine is crappy-ly old and its not working...SPOILED =.=

Well today, went to aunt betty's place, my family made korean bbq... mmmm PORK'S BELLY AGAIN!!
omg whole day eat eat eat eat, roast eat eat eat...then just only came back from anw! eat eat eat eat =.=
Dam full.... got back my internet but...its wireless now..and i hate wireless =.=

Monday, February 2, 2009

sooo long

Gosh its been so long...haha sorry...very very very lazy to update... Anyway

Gong xi fa Cai

i know its dam late edi..but Cny is 15days rite? =P
What i been up to...before that some photos before Cny

Well back to college edi..wohoo...headache starts again!!! PRPRPRPRPRPRPRPRPRP dieeeeeee
Law law law law law dieeeeee
English!!!! DIEEEE

sigh...Term5 edi...need to work hard!!! *fighting*

Well, i got LEFT 4 DEAD on my com!! woohoo....
Yah i bought it..and i love it..and...its not as good as the CC
And back with RO
For fun lah...i missed ro... haha...
Tmrw pastry...sigh., hope for the best...

asher needs to go shopping
Who wanna go?? Oh and shannon's tag =.=

1. Take a picture of yourself right now.
2. Don' change your clothes, don't fix your hair. Just take a picture.
3. Post the Photo with NO EDITING
4. Post these instructions wit your photo.
5. Tag 5 people.