Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I miss u!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

At 4.22pm yesterday... oct 26 2008.. Asher quit a really bad habit and im proud of it!!!
but now all i need is to prove it right... yay!!!

Yesterday was last day of service wooohooo... from tomorrow onwards im going into the kitchen! yes la...finally been waiting for so so so long...i worked soo hard *tears* *sob sob* =P

I had this same dream for like 4days in a role...where this unknown girl...kissed me at the cheeks then we like couple...but...i dunno feels like someone i know...Anyway..its just a dream rite...4days in a role...maybe coz im thinking to much about it thats why the same things keeps coming.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


yesterday din take much pic...actually din take any at all...but yeah love the friends and company ^^

anyway wanna see my present?? from Alvin , julia and andy if not mistaken :P

as usual the gang would get me weird stuff XD Last year andy bought me a Box of condom =.=
I never used one oso ok =.= *shy*
This year haha underwear -.- MOOOOOOO :P
Anyway thats for coming yesterday.... im proud to be 19!! hehe... im not getting getting wiser day by day ^^"

Officially 19!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Today so tiring...have to take bus to pyramid and back to parade to continue work...bahhhh.. but only 1more week then KITCHEN BABY!!!

Well when i came back i saw JOANNE!! omg girl i missed u so much T_T
hahah so wanted to hug u XD
Anyway 26more min!!! then im officially older hahaha
Still hoping tmrw night NO RAIN!! if not spoil sighh...
G2g wanna rest and...prepare for tmrw ^^

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Few words.. " i hope there is no rain tmrw "
Today is gonna be a sucky day.. i have to travel from parade to pyramid..then come back... omg..just for a stupid meeting... !! bluekkk...mind as well just dont go back work =.=

Thursday, October 16, 2008

oh boy...

its been so long since i last blogged ^^ my line had some small msn blog...even facebook i cant view =.= yah i know it sux hahah... wat happened these few days...sigh...i hate it la...kena tio from customers, many times not my fault oso...but still sighh... Dun care la, only one i wont forget was yesterdaY , MATSALEH!!! ORANGPUTIH!!! i hate chu!!! =( omg scold me like no body bisness , i mean in not the supervisors , manager ect ect...come on la im a human...just because ur food din come on time no need to tio me like im ur punching bag =.= BAHHHH dun work at sakae sushi...its really hard...but i recomend those whom are doing management...once u master sakae sushi...other place is seriously piece of cake only. Bahhh... Anyway only happy thing bout yesterday is, i saw sio sen!!! ahh miss u girl hehe = ) and i baught my new shoes....why! coz while broke -.- so no choice hav to spend rm70 for new cheap bata brand... my old shoe is also bata it din even last like 6months??? money buy good shoe hahah XD waiting for pay la....then i need pay back my dad, mom, and phone bill....bahh im stressing over money :( bluekk dun care for now la.... Anyway i found a new singer i like Tamar.... < CLICK ME > there is the link...haha check her out...i love her song... new day... omg to me...its my song...coz im facing it now hahaha XD well i got to go now.... i leave u with this lyric... got to go cook lunch and go work...haiz... I LOSE 5KG amazing =.=

*Thinking of holding u again, where i left off last. But u wont want it ^^ *

tamar - new day

Before the light I found the dark
Before tonight I feel apart
Frozen up IÂ’ve realized that somethingÂ’s gotta change

It took a crash to understand
Time kept slipping through my hands
I never used to know
The sun will shine after the rain

Say goodbye, say goodbye to the way I was before
Say hello, say hello to a new way
I was lost, but I found what I was looking for
Waking up, waking up to a new day
A new day

I was sleeping in a twisted dream
Dying just to make believe
A pretty situation was far from where I was

But IÂ’m not up for giving up
Lying down and out of luck
My mistakes are in the open and know IÂ’m finally coming clean

Say goodbye, say goodbye to the way I was before
Say hello, say hello to a new way
I was lost, but I found what I was looking for
Waking up, waking up to a new day
A new day

Cause everything, everything ends at the start
IÂ’m healing and feeling all of my scars

Say goodbye, say goodbye to the way I was before
Say hello, say hello to a new way
I was lost, but I found what I was looking for
Waking up, waking up to a new day
A new day

Sunday, October 12, 2008

shoft shell crab maki

I rather if non of u all come...u know why..politics i hate it so about *** 3months i was with u guys and girls... say, we get closer together but actually kau kau politics..thats why i hate going on Sat so much...Politics..i talk to ppl about this..and it would change...change my ass will never change...only the good and real christian will be good...the politic ppl....bunch of show off... there i admite my feelings towards u ppl...gosh..i always been telling ppl...denying the point...the truth is the truth the church as u..Hate it....bahhh!!!!

To someone.: to lose someone is better than someone losing u. whose lost is it?? yes u lost that person...but the fact is..the person lost someone who loves that person alot..

Anyway work is getting more and more crazy....haiz tired...i slept for like what? 10 hours =.= open eyes and omg...still tired...i hate everything right now...bahh im not emo-ing@! im just...frus..oh well dun care la....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It seems so...Far yet so near

Im such a mess...gosh...working at sakae sushi now... service side...pic bad quality, blame the phone -.-
First time in 2weeks!!! sakae sushi was empty for like 30mins =.= only...sadness T_T
During this training.. meet alot of type of customers , got friendly, bitchy, noughty O.o", sexy, funny, ugly, tall, short, big, small , understanding, inpatient [ alot =.=] , EGO and many more... The people whom i hate most who come and ate at sakae sushi is those office workers : /
They berlagak like giler kau! Thinking that thier job is like so super...acting so big great and all mighty, the story is like this, u see the I.M was bit cacat, so i told them can sit another table since that table is actually for 12ppl seating, then this ass said Look Around i dun see the restaurant busy at akk. So i was like " oh ok sir if u insist but sir.. the computer here is abit cacat, Then he shouted Just let us sit here!! and go greet someone else.. THANK YOU!!! then i no choice lo yes sir. After that they keep calling for me, i told them got service delay for 15min, food would come slow.. then every 5min keep calling me, keep saying where is our food?? why so long. i Said " sir i informed u about the service delay sir. Then he macam DUN Stupid =.= Then as i was saying the computer bit cacat, the list became long, he choose food comes out double. he called me, Boy what happened to your computer arr??? why is it so Stupid.. why u cannot do anything.... check all my orders and cancel alot. That time i so wanted to say F*** U SIR I TOLD U EDI!! BIT*H @!!!@!@!@!@#!@&uytr#@#$%^&%$#@!#$%&$#@!#$%^&*^%$#@
so i said lo...sir earlier i told u bout this computer, u did not want to listen... he shouted JUST SHUT UP AND CANCEL!! he so dam ego wei!! infront all his friends, so i said ok..which ever food is going to come out edi im not canceling it, since sir ur the one who is controling the mouse, food which not yet prepared i will cancel as u ordered me...then i walked away... then when they wan to pay edi...this Jack ass complain about me....then pay and went off...manager like wanna sound me edi...then one of the girl who was with that ass h**e came and told Me, That feller ordered wrongly, and his ego just too MUCH so proud of him self, sorry to cause trouble... OMG EVEN a lady can stand up for him...he own self WTF laaaa omg....haizz...

Any from today on..should be having more staff, so mine and derricks weight would be lifted....So short of man power.. haiz...

I been thinking, What am i feeling lately. Thinking of how my life was in the past, its just some random thoughts.. And i figured out, even though my grades are not tooooo good mostly bad all the times, friends love like and hate me... Im blessed ^^
Im blessed by many ppl, meeting great friends, family, neighbour. Yeah its true, meeting people whom i felt love for the first time. My ex haha well, the truth i hav other ex before her, but i know its puppy love or crush, but her..It was diff, i Felt " u know hey asher if someone can love u, then we are consider blessed edi" Im very thankful now for the people i meet. I just wished i realise this earlier, Change my fate with her, I wanna let go. I tried.. not working..Even its like 1year now, i tried falling inlove with anohter just to let go...when i was talking to Cy...mui said kor i know edi, its actually u like Those girls, not love. We can feel we can see...thats when i realise it, Hahah thanks mui now im awaken, Love u haha... Yes chooi yin is now my Fav mui ^^ vicky too...but she got boo now hahah...

Now i'm changed i guess..i wanna grow up, i dun wanna be who i was anymore...Dun wanna be much of a flirt but i wanna be more of a good friend, Tell u a secret, i go out with friends,, but when other ppl go out,its diff. i always wanna know how its like for real friends to hang out ^^ I dun have a bestie best friend is hard to find..comes once a life time..once lost..thats it so hard to gain back.. And i told my self...Time to stop emo-ing.. and im gonna stop..think reality...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

so tired

I am soo tired, yet im blogging... hehe coz baby shn is doing my header..well it was to cheer me up...coz of lausy work.haiz. sakae...arghh dun wan think bout it...give me more headache only...hehehe biii ur header..cheered me up alot..hehe thanks ^^

Anyway today...Work again...sucky place.... but this time derrick was here =.=
omg first time i can see how pissed he was...haha i am pissed too...we are trainees come on where is the human rights?? we are trainee come in fresh dunno shits. dun la treat us like we worked there for like 5years that time u wan scold us..its ok wan...dun la when after we do mistake...then tell us..and scold at the same time...babi i hope u 2 so hais there just die la...DIE DAMMIT..

Well anyway...saw pam eddie and su sing...oppss i 4got!!!! he wanted gas ppl phone number and i 4got...swttt..hhahah dun care la give him later hehehe.. got to go...dam tired wanna sleeep early today....sacrifice some computer time for rest..

oowww my feet hurts =(

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I hate Sakae sushi!!!!

Asher is anti - sakae sushi!!!!!!

sakae sushi is the worst place on earth to train!!! they treat trainee like worst than dogs... as today is my first official day working..soi dont know thier operation i nicely with a smile ask them. Tai kor, how to do? what must i do ? the best part was he started scolding me,.... he said we never teach u anything meh? why u so stupid look around and see la. we dun need tell u anythin u should know edi... WTF is this, dun tell anything on what to do or brief then i would know everything WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM!!!!
When i was gonna go for break...they say... late 1min deduct 1hour of worktime salary...15min late half day worth of salary 1hour late!!! 3days of salary is deducted!! mind as well dun go work....STUPID PLACE....dun go sakae sushi i hope it dies!!! burned down...or just kill that fucking fuck faces there..