Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How fragile is this

today is a tiring and stressful day for me...becoz of artistic class...2weeks ago we did sugar pulling...twisting style..this week we do sugar blowing.. making to a balloon shape..i had like 12 attempts to get 1 right.. and see the pic above..when i fail to do so =.=

This pic...for me..has another meaning... sugar after its blown to a balloon or w/e shape..its so fragile.. once drop consider gone... Remind me of..friendship and relationship... its hard to build up a relationship or friendship...and yet its so easy to be broken... thats why they say do not touch once broken considered sold...its the same..

I guess im the type who would breaks easily...sigh... im a soft hearted guy quoted from sio sen! haha..yea maybe i am ^^

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dream hair style *adore*

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hot day for a Heavy heart

Sometimes memory are ment to be remembered again!

Holy crap is it hot today!! Why no rain!! Why why why why!!! omg why!!! *coution* Heat is taking control over this Asher*

Damm...was so sunny yet no rain...rain lah!!! omg

12.03am " im having this COLD feeling... The feeling like someone is in TROUBLE or something has HAPPENED to someone..I keep asking omg..smth has happen smth is going on...is that person ok?
My heart is so heavy, breathing also hard...im sure something happened...

~ stressing!!! bout commies....this monday im most probally dead...gonna dig my gravev outside college...12feet under...6 is not enough... omg...commies!! why why all of them time table changed...class finish 6...too late... omg..dead dead...stress stress....mr.danials work oso haven finish...dam dam dam!!! gonna die edi =(

Haiz... Piggy!! miss u so much =( 8more weeks to go!! sigh..i hope u can make it back on time.. Love u miss u^^

To mui in ns!! hehe if u get to curi curi online..hehe kor misses u!! fun talkin to u every weekend to know what has happened to u ...wakakka!!

Omg air-cond set to 17edi!! why is it still HOT!!
Thou lord is here -.- prepare everyone...we are going soon..!! <3 Jesus

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Friends never ending love

_ editing _ internet too slow... to be continue...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Missing someone is like a spear piercing through ur heart

Thing we do for love. Amazing isn't it.
Can make someone drive up the wall
Love can get someone killed.
Love full of sacrifices, If ur a shame of loving someone, Then ur wasted.
Ur afraid aren't u..i know. Always knew...

70Days..10weeks.. Be back for my graduation girl ^^

" Pinky Promise"

While ur gone..Thing i hav to achieve.. i will make it through..just come back to me when ur back ^^

Friday, April 3, 2009

Pinky Promise..Never Broken <3

What am i?
i'm single, but not available.
Im taken, but not in a relationship.
All the above ^^ are not as important as u are to me. You are the important wan..not wats above.
I have a great day, Great moments, 70Days? 3months? +6months = 9months? =) ill wait ^^
I will never get bored with you..Ill miss u even more ^.^ cant wait for my Graduation, and of Coz i cant wait for yours.. Ill keep my promise, ill hope you keep yours..You trust me, and i will always trust u ^^

Pinky promise.

Cant wait for Term6 to end..I need to replan my self again, im gonna make it work..gonna have faith..Gonna have lots of patient.

Missing Term5 now... Yesterday seem like Term1,today seems like i just meet u few hours ago..Tomorrow..will be our future^^

Term6 is tomorrow..After that...is our future...gonna miss college friends of coz.. and gonna miss girl alot too^^

I <3 you Piggy ..