Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Im moving to a new site...
since i screwed up my everything on my blog trying to put the new i decided to make a new link hehe

Friday, June 19, 2009

1 word...

Love <3

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Anuar Zain - Semua Untukmu

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

EXAM!! OVER .....



Monday, June 15, 2009

These few days are so horrible.. sprain my neck...coughing...sleepy...feel so weak...sigh..cant sleep well lately..haizzz..

Today is session practical final, so good Luck to all of u..hehhe

I wanna go holiday, was thinking of going to redang to see piggy, but kinda expensive for me to travel alone to see her,somemore im not good at buying bus ticket or even know where is the bus station, I really want to go this holiday, gonna graduate edi, so happy hehehe. But ill miss college alot,haizzz coz that would be the only time that i have life haha!!

To go.....or....not to go =(
Miss piggy so much...haizz

Friday, June 12, 2009

We'r partners

Dc28 Group1
4Eva In my memory
4Eva In my heart
4Eva Partners
4Eva Friends

oh no....friday!!

Tmrw my dooms day!! Kitchen practical final exam! oh em gi!! amen arigato sayonara byebye... chouz..dead X.x"

Sighhh Stresss sehh!!!!!! and yet its such a boring day ><" Say ello to my little cute new PINK MOUSE!! yesh..i <3

Sunday, June 7, 2009

<3Hugh Laurie

Dr house A.k.a =

Hugh Laurie

Check out the vids : <3

EndLess Nights

SleepLess nights,
HopeLess Dreams,
SpeechLess oral Exam.
Tomorrow, Only 2letters i can put to describe it. GG

2Years already?? Man, its too fast yet i want it to end quick but i dun wan it to end now.
Stressed up Bout exams. Once It's all over, stress bout work!! COME ON HILTON CALL ME PLEASE....

ill say it once ill say it again, " cant leave Dc28, memories and pain, Hardship and all those yelling,laughing,whacking,punching,cooking,joking,digging,riding,driving,flying,talking,sleeping,drinking,

All the fun we use to have, Gonna miss it.

Its like leaving form5, i hardly see my old school mates anymore, not hardly actually haven seen anyone of them, except those in my college. I wonder,once leave college will i ever see my Culinary Family again?? I hope so..


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is that it? Last French class ended? fast.. Im feeling its gonna be great once out of college

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Coat shall never leave the hearts

From stranger to Friends,
Friends to best Friends.

From 1 Friend to 17 Friend...
From that 17 then there were 64...
From 64 there was more....

From 02 July 2007 till 20june 2009/

I will never ever 4get all of u...

Monday, May 25, 2009

It seems like yesterday today and tomorrow

There it was,
Seem like yesterday when i first Say, "Yes chef"
And today i have to say, "thx chef for everythin"
2years 3months hav passed by..

Even the wind blow endlessly no one notice it,
Time pass by like the wind
no body noticed it, till
when it comes to an end.

What was term1 yesterday, and today is term6.
Faces of my friend changes as my tears fall from my cheek, when i look back at those pictures.

Pam from glasses to contacts,
Edmond from good boy to man,
Julian from genius to The wise 1
Harris from Good to better
Derrick from the taat setia to class to missing,
charles from quiet boy to noisy,
Simon from young boy became young man,
the one that stand there but never appear anymore,
as for Asher, from the From emo to mega emo,
I guess we all grew up, except 1maybe =P *hint hint simon*
Yeah,We grew up.

Oh yesterday,yesterday and yesterday, why thou pass by so fast?
Please give me more time...
more time to be with the one i love dc28 XD
Tak sanggup hati i untuk tinggalkan kawanku.
I wan it to be longer,
ill miss it,
im missing it,
I will miss bout it.

How i wish yesterday was still today...
But everyday i have to be prepare for tomorrow..
For tomorrow is what cant be seen or heard or touch.
Oh tomorrow...i wish u will never come..
I beg u,

Good Byes.

i Love my groupmates and my college friends.And Piggy

Monday, May 11, 2009

Yesterday...was not a good day /=(

I need u piggy =(
sigh...really need u..rite now...miss u alot..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How fragile is this

today is a tiring and stressful day for me...becoz of artistic class...2weeks ago we did sugar pulling...twisting style..this week we do sugar blowing.. making to a balloon shape..i had like 12 attempts to get 1 right.. and see the pic above..when i fail to do so =.=

This pic...for me..has another meaning... sugar after its blown to a balloon or w/e shape..its so fragile.. once drop consider gone... Remind me of..friendship and relationship... its hard to build up a relationship or friendship...and yet its so easy to be broken... thats why they say do not touch once broken considered sold...its the same..

I guess im the type who would breaks easily...sigh... im a soft hearted guy quoted from sio sen! haha..yea maybe i am ^^

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dream hair style *adore*

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hot day for a Heavy heart

Sometimes memory are ment to be remembered again!

Holy crap is it hot today!! Why no rain!! Why why why why!!! omg why!!! *coution* Heat is taking control over this Asher*

Damm...was so sunny yet no rain...rain lah!!! omg

12.03am " im having this COLD feeling... The feeling like someone is in TROUBLE or something has HAPPENED to someone..I keep asking omg..smth has happen smth is going that person ok?
My heart is so heavy, breathing also sure something happened...

~ stressing!!! bout commies....this monday im most probally dead...gonna dig my gravev outside college...12feet under...6 is not enough... omg...commies!! why why all of them time table changed...class finish 6...too late... omg..dead dead...stress work oso haven finish...dam dam dam!!! gonna die edi =(

Haiz... Piggy!! miss u so much =( 8more weeks to go!! sigh..i hope u can make it back on time.. Love u miss u^^

To mui in ns!! hehe if u get to curi curi online..hehe kor misses u!! fun talkin to u every weekend to know what has happened to u ...wakakka!!

Omg air-cond set to 17edi!! why is it still HOT!!
Thou lord is here -.- prepare everyone...we are going soon..!! <3 Jesus

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Friends never ending love

_ editing _ internet too slow... to be continue...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Missing someone is like a spear piercing through ur heart

Thing we do for love. Amazing isn't it.
Can make someone drive up the wall
Love can get someone killed.
Love full of sacrifices, If ur a shame of loving someone, Then ur wasted.
Ur afraid aren't u..i know. Always knew...

70Days..10weeks.. Be back for my graduation girl ^^

" Pinky Promise"

While ur gone..Thing i hav to achieve.. i will make it through..just come back to me when ur back ^^

Friday, April 3, 2009

Pinky Promise..Never Broken <3

What am i?
i'm single, but not available.
Im taken, but not in a relationship.
All the above ^^ are not as important as u are to me. You are the important wan..not wats above.
I have a great day, Great moments, 70Days? 3months? +6months = 9months? =) ill wait ^^
I will never get bored with you..Ill miss u even more ^.^ cant wait for my Graduation, and of Coz i cant wait for yours.. Ill keep my promise, ill hope you keep yours..You trust me, and i will always trust u ^^

Pinky promise.

Cant wait for Term6 to end..I need to replan my self again, im gonna make it work..gonna have faith..Gonna have lots of patient.

Missing Term5 now... Yesterday seem like Term1,today seems like i just meet u few hours ago..Tomorrow..will be our future^^

Term6 is tomorrow..After our future...gonna miss college friends of coz.. and gonna miss girl alot too^^

I <3 you Piggy ..

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I wanna Scream!!!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Whats happen

I dont know why, Im just hurt so much.
As i close my eyes, i just remember all the time i spend with u.
As memories flashes by, Tears drop down my cheeks.
Im thinking of you tonight, Oh girl
i'm missing you.
When ur gone...So as my heart.It's leaving..its..Gone...I cant find it..
Ill be...missing you..

Today os just a dark day...everything i do..its under the the darkness..where was the light i use to have...Sigh...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Home ^^ Korea

2nd Eldest causin in korea wedding ^^ i din know my family is actually dam dam dam big... there is more than just this pic...there are even more!! apparently my grandfather in korea has 4brothers 2sisters.. the list goes on...i think my korean family if all combine we can have a small army of soldiers..

What if i Lied?

Will i regret what i just said?
Is it worth sacrificing?
Does my action and words comes with a price?
God is not on my side..and i know it,
In front im just a gentle bear but inside im very fragile. Im broken and torn apart.
I not F**e im actually very depress, problems with my family...Even 5min of my time spend is something that of worth so much to me. I want to see u, i want to hold u before u leave, i never wanted my goodbyes to u inside the college at the library,i dun wan that coz that is a sad goodbye, WTF am i saying...its like we're not gonna see ea other 4eva ~.~

I just wnt to say...the inside and outside..totally diff...If u really care bout me? u might noticed it...if not,ill just have to try harder and be more patient

What seem to be outside

is Much diff from the inside.

Ill miss u...3months passes by really quick... Dont worry..ill be fine

Friday, March 27, 2009

I love The new Thing

Restaurant City?? the new " thing " ?? dunno maybe hahaha...PLZ play!! for those who have facebook play RestaurantCity
Its really...interesting =.=

Anyway day 2 of holiday!! woohoo term5 ended =( Term6 coming..bahh...nightmare time...
Time to study harder!!! *Fighting*

Batch29 off to training...gonna miss some of u alot ^^
Whole day bum at computer > lune online > ro > restaurant city > ro > maple > restaurant city > maple > died =.=

Soo seinzz...pokai somemore phonebill now GG...oh well

Thursday, March 19, 2009

WonderFul Day

ITs a miracle day!! HA HA HA HA!!!! ; )
Last day of studies for term5!!! in taylors college!! now 2days of mad exams!!! Oh em gi...
Today was our last apply tech class, and Things happen... =) great things happen hahahaha!!!
Anyway...DAvid thanks for partnering me today ^.^ sry i got stressed out...and i felt we were far behind so i just wanted to rush...hehehe no hard feelings bro XD

Then bump at aiman;s house with edmond... till like 4.15pm ^^ Then...Went out...Suppose go to...time square haha mistake...i made some reservations oso :) its ok had lots of great time..

I wanted take her out today might be one of the last time i can see her, she is going training far away from kl... YAH im sad :(
We watched Race to witch mountain... Its good!! must watch...great movie... Ill make a summary ALIENS and A TAXI driver...ok thats all ^^ must see u know hahah its good
But, i will never 4get today ^^
Lob u piggy^.^

Sigh im missing term 5 already ^^

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Night...fever night

Aww its last day of law.. =( *sobs sobs* Eerr...whats our lecturer name again?? *lameee*
Miss soo sian... gonna miss her class.. good lecturer but bad students like me..
Nothing much today...just kitchen and a quick miss vivi class thats all bout it

Saturday, March 14, 2009

go to hell andy...leave cole alone...dun even visit her blog...u wn kacau..u kacau me..not her..
For ur info..ur plate...looks horrible all the time..dunno how chef see only...dick. No point talkin bout u...

Today saturday, girl smsed..wanted go meet her sister o.o"
both look so alike o.o" Watch DragonBall! hahah its funny...with the weird accent.. oh well...Enjoyed it though...

Then came home...studies...oh YES asher Studies o.o" just awhile then played computer lolz...
Reading blogs...then saw that ..... .... ... ... ...... sigh...
Its late...
Oink oink Time... Z.z"

Sunday, March 8, 2009


okay...who is being so childish
using other ppl's name
for starters...why using joseph name on my tagbox when i just smsed joe..that he haven even view my blog for like days... Stop it...if its u..please la..its not working dumbshit...
NExt, using my name in pam's blog??

Sun, Mar 8th 2009, 01:26 PM
Asher: Pam why u always go movie with andy one?... I ajak u that time u always say busy...T.T u like andy is it...

for starters i dun use the word one...ill usually use wan...then pam never tell me that she is busy...she will say.......PLUS mainly i dun use T.T that is what for i wan ask dumb...u ppl who is doin this..please stop lah...ppl saying ur names edi...if it weren't true or its true...ppl's name is bringin out now... Losers

Thursday, February 26, 2009

World like never b4

ITs public again...Anyway pic!!!! XD

Bahh...4get it for now..internet bloody slow...
And not in the mood for blogging...Wait lah...maybe tmrw ill put up pic on what been happening lately ^^ lol

Friday, February 20, 2009


Like i said...we are not perfect..i am not perfect u are not too...
Just the Garghh!!! PMS-ING MOMENTS!
That black armpit will always be black armpit...trying to act cool but actually like so hai...i got no misunderstanding with u...i just dun like ur ego-ness...THATS ALL..
And cock-y ness oso... bluehh....1Advise lah from me...during apply tech...after food comment from chef...or during or before dun have to talk about other ppl dish..dun laugh at it or w/e keep the comments to ur self...dun act so pro infront...suggest ppl dun tell them what to do...ur not the bos..ur just older...and bit more skillfull...nth else

-The end- i wont say anymore edi.. i say what i want to say ill tahan till the next time i explode inside my blog again...behh...

Starting to hate blog... =(

Dear Andy

To andy...the Dick

I dun giv a dam about u... MY past is my past Janice and me already put it to past...u still like a dick never change.. Steamboat? Up urs, i did nothing I was being nice to nice to everyone eXcept u...coz ur a shit...ur a fool...u dunno u type all this things on my blog is actually to embaress ur self more..I got nothing to say to u.. U think im childish...yes maybe i am but u...u never change never grew up and self centered bitch...u wan me look in the MUCH MUCH MORE HANDSOME THAN U...pimple shit face...I dun care bout u...College will be College...and i think and what many ppl alrdy think is when u go out to the industry...many ppl will NOT ACCEPT u as a chef...maybe steward...give u face abit...

I made mistakes in my life...i never said i was perfect, and im a guy i flirt...memories in college yah alot...and u...cause trouble to me, somethings that i can avoid u made it whos the stupider person now... ITS U ANDY LIM... Act big act as BIG AS U WAN... i dun give a dam...U do not deserve to be even called friend. What an ass of me to look up at u, u got some skills in the kitchen but ur attitude is like F**ed up...everyone hates doesn't hurt me if u take my friends only hurts me that ur being an ass a SORE LOSER all this while... Think propelly andy...ur actions make ppl talk bout u...i know my actions very well, u dun have to remind me..i am what i am...and dun sing ur shit song on my blog or anywhere near sounds like Frog...just like ur face...

Worthless Andy...blahh why am i wasting my time talking bout u...Say what u wan....u dun even know how to treat a girl...I kesian pam alot, u urut her till she feels so much pain and ask u to stop oso...u never did somemore hit her whack her with book pen w/e tease her... ur such A NOT GENTLEMAN.... Coz we all know ur a frigging GAY!!

I dun wan anything related to u edi....Group project is group project ill just do my part...F with u...go to hell..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Its a Foggy Day

I'm Sad =(
I miss the sound of ur voice, I miss the rush of ur skin, I miss the still of the u breath out and i breath in..

You look pretty today, i cant stop smilling as i saw u earlier.. Your smile made my day wonderful...
But..I stayed back, wanting to go out with u today but i guess that din happened..But i spend time with my mui... its been a long time pun wei chi^^ guess what we did today XD

Mine was better looking though but i din save it XDXD was in the library...while i was waiting for piggy's reply we did this hahah^^ Finally get to spend bit of time with PUN!! =) cookiess***

Emo...Why is it that...sometimes,
When i commit to something,
It ends up back fire on me..
Why do i wait so long for a girl who wont be with me?
Why when i dun feel like coupling, someone would be there to hold me.
When there is no someone..i tend to find someone to hold..And i choose u..over 1 year now..i still have feelings for u...Many things happened to us, went through...
I still wanna tell u, i love u, still wanna do things for u with u etc..
Coz i dun plan to lose someone like u...

WAKAKAKAK!!! i dont care... im only angry coz, coz u broke it that cause no body got to try my bread..... Loser lah u andy...!! loser... Bluekk... dun la serve paper to chef..wan kill ur customer meh XD

Now happy... ANdy andy!! haha im happy coz, I dont know lah..ur funny like joker...i think ur cute! wanna gay? lolz...

Bluekk what i said earlier

Sorry im just sad and hyper at the moment!! I <3 RO!! and i <3 Piggy ^^
ro ro ro ro ro ro ro ro ro...of becoz of ro i got hyper -.- LOLZ i dun care what ur gonna say bout ro...but i still <3 ro!! dun care....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Dont ever!!! bahh
I was damn pissed off awhile ago!! omg...

First Thing dont ever ask me, " ASher!! u got gf edi is it?"
If i say yes means yes, if i say no means NO. and if i say i dont know means i dont know lah..
ITs currently very complicated and confusing..and i dun wanna think of it..

Second! Dun ask me, " You Broke up with ur gf rite?? "
Yes i broke up but thats a long time ago...and its my worst memory. I dont tend to think bout it again coz it hurted too much... "Its not easy giving up someone, eventhough its almost a year now,i finally let go...i dun wanna be emo again k.... ISH! so dun ask silly question u,,,,bahh words can discribe ur!! bluekk-ness =.=

Im asher, always will be asher...
I have
Feeling for 1 girl
Crush on some
and hate ONE alot...

Done...The end!

Anyway Pastry class over...made cheese cake!! yummm!!! I think mine was the best!! LOL *proud ness*
Work of Alvin and me hahaha!! it was NICE ok...even Andy ter-said it!! opps XD hahahaha
Back more angry edi....kinda will ware off in yeah ^^

Saturday, February 7, 2009

What do u know that i dunno...i really wanna know

Happy Birthday Charles!
haha had lots of fun...with Eggs =.= dam why must i kena oso
LOGEN!!! Celaka XD
I dont get it, what u all know that i dunno...and then not telling me...did i do smth...sooo confusing!!
Im gonna make tiramisu!! now, i realize my machine is crappy-ly old and its not working...SPOILED =.=

Well today, went to aunt betty's place, my family made korean bbq... mmmm PORK'S BELLY AGAIN!!
omg whole day eat eat eat eat, roast eat eat eat...then just only came back from anw! eat eat eat eat =.=
Dam full.... got back my internet but...its wireless now..and i hate wireless =.=

Monday, February 2, 2009

sooo long

Gosh its been so long...haha sorry...very very very lazy to update... Anyway

Gong xi fa Cai

i know its dam late edi..but Cny is 15days rite? =P
What i been up to...before that some photos before Cny

Well back to college edi..wohoo...headache starts again!!! PRPRPRPRPRPRPRPRPRP dieeeeeee
Law law law law law dieeeeee
English!!!! DIEEEE

sigh...Term5 edi...need to work hard!!! *fighting*

Well, i got LEFT 4 DEAD on my com!! woohoo....
Yah i bought it..and i love it..and...its not as good as the CC
And back with RO
For fun lah...i missed ro... haha...
Tmrw pastry...sigh., hope for the best...

asher needs to go shopping
Who wanna go?? Oh and shannon's tag =.=

1. Take a picture of yourself right now.
2. Don' change your clothes, don't fix your hair. Just take a picture.
3. Post the Photo with NO EDITING
4. Post these instructions wit your photo.
5. Tag 5 people.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wakakak... i found something from facebook...which was posted up a long long time ago... Chef rex When he was THIN!!! yes now he is fatter XD ok la bigger size only.
Well today is a tiring day... went to college, then after ms.vivi class went to pastry room help and to see and to learn how to make tiramisu Andy's style XD
Then went lunch with edmond, charles, alvin at chicken rice near....somewhere i dunno =.= then went to edmond's house And we played...digimon =.=
then came back college, went for pastry class and did brownies... Great XD

Planning for Feb14, what to do...i hope u din make ur self busy on that day...coz i told u to make ur self free ONLY for me *haha kedekut!* i dun wan it to be like last year...sighzz, I will try again ^^ it would be more fun, interesting and so on.

Well,, i got SKIN DEASEASE!! omg!!! im gonna be a zombi =.= i got a serious problem, my skin at my neck and hands..problem, bahh i cant fix it!! and i dun wanna go hospital! dam... what to do =(

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Feel like dying

I feel like dying!! Stupid Skin problem..
Bahh painfull ness
This my jie... i love her ^^
why? coz of her, i found that girl. Coz of her, i got together with that girl.
Coz...She is my jie ^.^
Gosh look at my eyes and neck...Skin problem..Sigh!! =(

Saturday, January 17, 2009

back to youth

Im back in youth, Calvary youth.
Not bad after so long ppl still notice who i am.. lol
I got comments like " is that who i think he is?? Asher!!!! hi.."
or " hey there's a face we dont see often"
or " hey Asher how has it been?? still working?"

Well yah that happens when you dont go back to a place for a long itme ^^
I miss Calvary youth, those old memory. place where i meet great friends, people who cared for me, who are willing to help me, who loved me =(
You look different, when u walked passed by me, i noticed ur diff. Makes me wonder, i still miss u. But not like, nvm ^.^ ill keep the feelings to my self.

Anyway Thank you erwin!! sending me to church today...i appreciate it haha ^^
Wei chin!! A.k.a mommy of calvary youth choir! to me XD
I dun know i just wanted to call her mom... Sorry wei chin=P
I dont know bout u, but i dun feel like going back to rangers. hmmm
I think its time to stop, not really interested anymore. ~no more~

Mui looks greast today ^^ im glad, she accepted me back as a friend and a brother (=
i dont wan to lose a great person like her ^^

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to School

Day one in college =.= Again....

Aiyoo... first "morning class, yet i am the one again teaching ur groups. I would remember ur name and faces but not all" *she never remember us* Ok class, thats all...thank you... What the...10min talk talk ...bye!! =.=

Then who's class arr...ohh english class, ms or mrs.. jacqulien? -.-" make us write a paragraph, then bye... 45min...done -.-

Last lec...mrs soo sian *so sein* suzzane gaie... Wth Kiwi girl =.= from australlia... her english essent is like.. oh Em gi -.-

Then then...nth loh...go back...hahah went to parade...sushi there...went to see desserts bar... same thing lah... Saw edmond, charles and simon -.- eat icecream oso lol... After that took the cab back... i was having stomach ache Sigh...

Im not qualified as a player...never was and never is -.-
And im not despo -.- god dammit...i changed...slowly see lah.. u LoL Person who ever u are =.=
Im a flirt?? U can say so... coz guys flirt...and so do i...

im not perfect... if i am...ill be God or smth -.-

Sunday, January 4, 2009

What pisses me Backstabbers

Am i a player?? omg..
That Friend of mine told this girl i like, that im a despo for GF!!! Water Fish!!
OK la maybe i was despo...but for 1 girl only..1 girl whom i like since last year january.. And gosh..guys sure have crush on other girls rite...seeesch../
Well what have i make ppl call me? is being nice to everyone, is being close to everyone? is that a that call player?? Wtf is this bullshit?

So my friend translated this for me: but this one...i dont know...but i have this great feeling its for me.. From chinese to english of coz.. chinese word i wont put here...but u can find it...slowly =.=
"me n u are too alikejavascript:void(0)
it scares me
until idk what to do
damn it! let me go
i duwan to teman u play
don't "use" my prihatin
but value me like a "sui yu" *canton = water fish
me n ur other sui yu is diff
not everything u ask for has to be urs
what u ask for that u will never get is my heart
i wil never give it to a player like u
and i won't change my attitude because of u
i tahan u enuf, dun think that u r handsome then can "wai"
diu! almost stolen my heart
-the end-"

So so...have i done anything wrong?? is loving someone really wrong?? and WHY DID THAT BITCH told her that im despo for a GF???? im not despo for a GF she said no to me...but i took it easy...just annoyed coz its the third time =.= [okay~~ thrid time] yeah...i just cant stop liking her thats all... rite? =(
Sigh..i not like wat i was u came...really make me pissed glad..that i wont be talking or gonna see u for a long time...but college is college ill still see that backstabbers face....
When i told the backstabber...that girl is gonna work together with us here.. u told me what? " yer Park why u let that...that...whore??or work here..dam la... " ill remember ur words.... i will...u wait... dun have to u 4goten w/e shits...i remember things...and this one ill remember for the rest of my life! u Biatch!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Miss Korea

I miss my korean family T_T
my brother and dad..went to and my mom couldn't go coz..too exp Plus its its too cold and spending should be alot.
the last pic...that girl with my brother? she is my Fav causie..coz she can speak english and i LOVE HER!! *sarangheo*
aww i missed her so much..she should be about 30 next year...sigh find a husband causie...i missed u =(