Thursday, August 28, 2008


Tag...Yi qing old buddy ^^ miss yah hehehe

Remove one question from below and add in your own question,
make it a total 20 questions.
Then tag 8 people from your list.
List them out at the end of the post.
Notify them that they have been tagged.

1. At what age you wish to marry?
lets see... 26? ++ when older of coz

2. Are you straight?
yeah i am

3. Do you smoke?

4. What are the things that interest me now??
Excu next monday, i want it to be great ^^ pastry sale, rm1 at TCPJ!! come come

5. List out two things that you'd like to do now.
Sleep its kinda late now, and find a song which i cant find =(

6. How old are you?
19!! octo 21!!

7. What is the latest thing you bought with your own money?
Movie ticket, hot dog, coke

8. Do you believe in love at first sight ?
yeah i do

9. Currently into?

10. Getting married is going to heaven or grave?

11. How many kids do you want?
Maybe 2? having kids expenses are high la..but..i wan a daughter and son, i was born with no sister.. hahah

12. Are you in love?

13. Where is the latest restaurant you have dinner?
Some place...

14. Name the latest book you bought?
LATEST!!! NO NO NO...asher dun buy book haha =P

15. Do you believe in open book test?
Yes done that before lol

16. Single or Attached?
safe draft =.=

17. Name the first person that comes into your mind now.
Chooi yin lo...since we're chatting on msn rite now lolz.

18. The most exciting place you want to go?
europe!! Amsterdam LOL!!! haha :P and many more la... haha

19. Which quality is more important in a lover. Looks or personality?

20. Any regrets??
Kinda, by being an idiot and a fool.

wong lee en
rach soon

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Je T'aime

today...Today... went College..Study...oh oh during Maths class...usually miss, oppss sorry if im not wrong she is puan dila now... XD

And and well usually when she teach, everybody just dies of boredom and she speaks really soft...i can barely hear her say what happened was this French guy from dunno where. apparently his the like Judge when im finishing my course...yeah lol.. So he was like in the class monitoring us and the lecturer.So dunno why la today she so nice, TALK SO LOUD and GAVE US NOTES for the FIRST time! serious bull shit... So we bagi muka lo buat buat macam belajar tapi tak...hahaha XD

Anyway today was my interview day. So me derrick and joseph went to pyramid lo, at zen Japaneses. So ermm... went there of coz i was nervous but during the interview i realize ,actually all of us realize that mrs.tong was talking bout during training we only be doing service, so its like impossible la since we DC students we are mente to be in thE KITCHEN. So kinda too bad la, haiz.. so then went starbucks and i purposely put a black coffee been into the green beans?? dunno it says there.

But i guess there is no choice lo, i dun wan be doing service for 3months. so now we are going to sakae sushi. Got parade branch, pyramid and midvalley the new if get either one oso is good enuf edi..i hope this 2nd training is a good one...

After that went back college, got ready for kitchen. todays menu is crepe seafood. My starter din get a chance to take picture..but main course.. there it is,

And after class, i and charles hav to clean the sink OMG. OMG. OMG!!!!! LOOK AT THE PICTURE OSO CAN GET SCARED!!!

Outside..while waiting the rain to like slow down>?? I gave a special someone a call, I kinda realize how much i missed her, and i know i was a jerk an idiot to assume.Im sorry, i feel really bad the way i treated u the way i do these days. Now i know, so i just hope u can give a 2nd chance..Sorry

Anyway, enuf of the Heartsick emoing. August 31 is coming..dunno whether i should work or not...i think pay is x2? rm5.50 x2 = rm11 an hour... wow? Shit thats good.. work 8 hours rm88 whouaa... Hmm...i guess that would be all today, kinda sleepy
Good night folks

Monday, August 25, 2008

for me formidable

Today in French class we sang this song, as the title and my blog song lol... For me formidable - charles aznavour
So now lets sing along...

Charles Aznavour
=For me formidable=

You are the one for me , for me, for me , for me formidable
You are my love very, very, very , veritable
Et je voudrais pouvoir un jour enfin te le dire
te l'ecrire
Dans la langue de shakespeare
My daisy, daisy, daisy, desirable
Je suis malheureux d'avoir si peu de mots
A t'offier en cadeaux
darling i love you, love you, darling i want you
Et puis c'est a peu pres tout
you are the one for me, for me, for me

You are the one for me, for me ,for me ,
But how can you
See me, see me , see me , si minable
Je ferais mieux d'aller choisir mon vocabulaire
Pour te plaire dans la langue de moliere
toi, tes eyes, ton nose, tes lips adorables
Tu n'as pas compris tant pis
Ne t'en fais pas et viens-t-en dans mes bras
Darling i love you, love you,
darling i want you
Et puis le reste on s'en fout
You are the one for me, for me , for me,
Je me demande meme
Pourquoi je T'aime
Toi qui te mosques de moi et de tout
Avec ton air canaille, canaille, canaille,
How can i LoVe you.

Alright people ROUND 2... Sing!!! lol
hahah thats all...boring and tiring dar... Profit Rm706.. not bad huh and chef only comes in like wat dam sayang if she comes in
we sure reach 1k... *look cocky talk * hahaha

I saw ur smile..and i was touched

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Soul Sucker

Wooo sunday morning...dam tired.. haizz.
Currently im doing part time job in... *drumm roll!!* babababbabababaadmadmamdmadadadbabdmadmadamdmad
Kachinggg... "Deserts bar" Yea so im currently working there, while studying. errmm i work every friday nights. and saturday evening if u happen to drop by Subang parade..come and visit yah...and Eat there too..i tell u all the ice creams there are like.... Heaven *haallelujah*
Im so tired la, after come home, eat maggi then i DIN go to sleep. Watch movie, online lol.. i found a website thAT can watch movie online Streaming. So i watched hulk and love guru since i haven seen it guru funny hahahahah XD sorry shock sendiri since i neva watched it before..

Anyway here is a pic of my uniform..its almost like gasoline

this is actually cream.. but logen was asking on msn:
Logen: waa asher whats all that white thing.
Asher: its sperm, what do u think it was?
Logen: waa how come can come out so much wan?
Asher: err...swtt no comement.
Asher: tired la just come back from work
Logen: of coz la tired, hard work taking out all the white stuff.
Asher: okay logen./ comment@!! its creme by the way -.-

Crazy chat lol..Well, Life is getting much better. Ermm dunno la its just diff from last time, kinda really TAKING things slow, Bit of care-free so on. Now i just wan to be happy and everyone to be happy, But only one thing that is drowning me,is that i miss her.

Oh oh oh see my title today...there is a story to it from my French Lec haha... all TCHT DC28 sure know bout this.. haha =)
So next post i shall explain it breakfast!! then go church See ya all ^^

Monday, August 18, 2008

Woke up from a Dream

Woke up From a Dream,
Its not a Nightmare.. Sweet Dream
Where there was
[You]ΩΩ[me] ,
I dreamed of The Day when u First kissed me,
I woke up from a Phone call to my house..I was angry
But i ended up smiling, as the sun brighten up my day,
I was in Joy.
As i sat infront of the Dumb Box[TV], Sad-ness draws
As i realize How much i want her again. 10% kills a person..
I just Missed u so much
[ 4 6477 968 ]

Emo...Asher emo... =D

Thinking of us in the past..Makes me SMile..All the memories
Currently thinking wat to do for my pastry when im exu chef.. come visit TCHT every monday...Pastries are sold for Rm1 ea
Come buy come buy!! delicious and good too ^^

when can i hold u in my arms again??Ω♥Ω

Thoughts of today

Why do i hate jack asses so much...Before that pictures!!
I always have a picture of my self...this time i got glasses on...actually i dont wear glasses?? just for fun..its kinda a good picture though to me =.=

I got back the Girl whom i used to mui mui ^^ opps the way i said it its like we couple ...haha no la i wish :P
Got some prob back then...but now im happy we are family again ^^ love u mui ^^

hehe okayy for this one...hmmm Pam and simon...You know when that say...a pic ment a thousand words.... haha well...there are somethings that were made up...from alvin and edmond...kinda forget edi...but haha it was dam funny ^^

Loves...Cake~!!! This was for ms.pam requested wan hehe...looks nice yahh.... u should see my hand...down there....First time baker...First time kena burn from baking !! lol.. oh yeah... thats alvin preparing the cake... sOlo man!

See see my hand!! BURNNN

Oh well...

Ok now for the real talk... im gonna create a Comment Tag board..where that is only for comment...and chat box is only for Chat...coz this blog is gonna be comment and gossip BLOG...oo sounds INTERESTING!! hehe..ok la im sure everybody knows today i am Frigging pissed off...angry!!! yeah blablabla...Guess who la no need need read oso know edi.
Comment on this please.. :
1.) How do you feel...when almost half ur life... u been helpin being there and like a buddy to this person...and they way he/she treats you is like...Bullshit! yeah.... bullshit... Its like u help ppl but in return the treat u like shit...tahi...kambing babi! understand? good.

2.)What is Baking...during baking there is alot of time rite...yes of coz i go around see wat i can do...sometimes go outside see ppl to ask buy pastry... But But... ok i know manyh ppl in college...But i just gonna spend 1min talkin to my juniors...and BOMB!!! that feller doing something good for the group..which is askin people to buy our pastry... that is an advantage rite..when u know alot of ppl..

Anyway... Do comment yeah..Meet
Qiki aww *huggies* haha Saw mui @.@" i cant keep my eyes of her la...Cy.. Coz i was in luv with her maybe lol.!! Saw her dar dar oso...
When to French Class....Got papers...was bad...hate my Result...Kinda think of much i study oso no use...maybe im useless!! Dunno la..Dun wanna think bout it.. Anyway Tmrw only 1 class....Seinz...i think go out better....waste time..with econs even though its...nvm hahaha.. haizz boring la...Sigh...Sometimes...i dont wan to be a nice person.. just once in a while...haiz!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Been a long time

Well it has been a very very long time since i last blogged. Anyway im fine ^^ Good, Everything is Good emotions , feelings, ect ect is good EXCEPT!! Assessments~!! T_T pain in the Ass..
I got a reason to blog today, i wanted to express how i felt today coz today i felt something awkward. Lets see how should i start...ok i been thinking about my past lately "today" . The things i went though , friends i meet..Well honestly in never regret any of those..How i failed in my exams..Nope no regrets coz this is what is what i am today. What i really think the most is After seeing *old nick name* "baby girl" ... maybe some knows or only you know, yeah her..Well i sat behind her today, its weird coz she,rachie,hansel like sit diff place edi...oh yeah this happened in church ^^ ... YES asher park goes to church hahaha..Well, when pastor said..before you sit, turn around and greet somebody..I shook hands with rachie...and then her, its been a long time since i see that smile, which took my heart away a long time ago.. To my senses i Thought i had let that feeling go 100% , But the thing is i dont think anyone can just let go of their feelings 100% most probably i let go 90%?? As i look at her, i just think back of the past...yeah this how it started out hahaha..
Think bout it, i never once regret even after the break up. I thank God i meet such a wonderful person. Coming to the present, ppl i meet the ppl who i loved. J C C. Short form find out ur self, well i neva regret knwoing them. its just that, as time goes by they know and i will slowly learn that they are not the right person.. I wish i was back with u.. but i know, that u wouldn't. haiz... Anyway im not here to be happy now... seriously. Anyway...lately hmm got la commotion in college, now there is big politics i can say in Dc group1..not sure la, but i know ppl hate ea other, berpakat ect ect... well i know its not healthy but i just want to be in the safe side...and do the best i can for my group... OK I ADMITE...i might not be SO good in KITCHEN! but i will do my best ^^ ppl learn rite? well i hope we all can still work as a team..rite group 1?? Rite?.. i got this junk laptop, can blog...if not stupid kapesky in my destop would block yeah thats another reason why i haven blog in a long time....i got more pictures actually maybe next post i post them all out here.... Anyway its late to go sleep... THOSE WHO ARE IN TCHT!! DROP BY THE PASTRY ROOM 1... SELLING CHEAP DELICIOUS PASTRY AND SANDWISH ECT ECT!! COME COME RM1 ONLY!!!