Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kinda Lazy to explain...Coz for long time i din feel la.. :P

Anyway old chef is chinese sous chef... A.k.A small kid sifu :P
Then there is chris and steve..Hahaha all older than me but look young =.=
Today...was ok i did few mistakes...sigh kena marah la...but still ok =D

this week pretty much nth to do so..yeah....Tmrw planning go watch

so yea... friday im off...plannin go college.....i guess i made vicky angry so ill make it up to her.. ._.
Eerr...damn u hotel 1 month edi la...where my pay!! *hmph**
hahah babiness they haven pay as the others :P Workin in hotel is the best..i think its way better than restaurant...and having a qualification would be good too...

Lately many many stories/rumors are goin around...wont gossip here :P
Anyway i changed my email for those who do not know... It is now "" Why change? well i just dont like to have the 1989 hhahaha :P
it quickly reveals my age when give ppl my email add :P

Anyway i guess thats all... Thanks shawn sending me home

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yesterday till Today

DArn it....I cant upload pic... Ill keep trying to show my daily...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Pic more than Words

Before work on the way to Hotel

still walkin

ohlook....Tower o.o"

Then wat else...its zul hard working...straining the dam lobster pisque[piece] Im in front of him we were having a hell time

I meet shaun/shawn ex form5 senior....his working in main kitchen with me...Look at lu shen...too stress

reached ppl i being a...ah nvm...
Blablabla.... Thats all for today...

Dammit cant turn white...stupid lotions..not working... Lamee

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nothin to say..too tired just some pic

Yesterday soup i made...actually the team made.. its cauliflower[blended] soup

then in the Lrt

Yesterday inside the was raining cats and dogs

The pic....coz no time

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today today

Today today today...Lets see...
i Got nothing better to do ...coz today is a boring day...sigh


Anyway this is breakfirst in the Cafe

And For dinner i ate..

Mushroom soup in the cup!

Well Ktm wasn't so packed today. lRt was..but

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Asher Park Is in training! .. Shang Kl.

View of inside the hotel...Looks nice but behind the scene...i shall get a pic and show u all lolz.

Trainee park : lolz... First few days was... ok la..Lu shen is there, han is there also...and lim yin too.. 3 unknown extra ppl came..then Hr assist was like " yes who are u?" they replied we are here for training, they all got sent back..smth was wrong with ITS ppl.
Working is tough..its hard, 2nd day was edi too tiring for me. but now after a week i guess im ok now...just that the end of my legs hurt..sigh...and my fingers are really rough now.. lol
oh yeah i found, well actually Vicky found this site and shared it with me <Click here> or <Click here> well its really nice...i guess she draw her daily life in a stick girl form haha interesting blog to read... here are some examples..oh her drawings

I miss blogging..Miss College..Sigh.. Well ill be sleeping early again..need wake up at 5.30am Dress up and go to work..
さようなら~Good bye~Anyung~ 안녕~

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How Bout it a legend of zelda movie?

Dont u think it would be nice?